Triangle Developer to Hold Another Community Meeting on Thursday Night

by John Kiljan

Dear CLRC members and friends,

The potential developer for the northeast corner of the intersection Ralston Road and Independence Street will be holding another meeting to discuss his plans for developing this part of the Triangle shopping center, also known as Arvada Square and Ralston Creek North. The area holds seven acres running from Holland Street to Independence north of Ralston Road. It includes the empty Safeway building, as well as the former Big O tire shop on the corner, and the nearby Triangle Liquors store.

Arvada Square community meeting on May 27, 2015

Arvada Square community meeting on May 27, 2015

The meeting announcement is a little bit of a surprise. Loftus Developments has been in negotiation with Arvada’s urban renewal authority for some months now, but no development contract has yet been awarded by the Board of Commissioners. So we don’t actually know if Loftus will be the primary developer or not. The next AURA board meeting is not scheduled until August 5th.

Loftus held an initial public meeting last May 27th. It was well attended and many questions were put to the developer. But many of those questions could not be answered. Those included which businesses will be getting an offer to stay on, whether the Safeway building is to be pulled down or rebuilt, if 24 Hour Fitness will locate there, how much mitigation would be needed for further flood control, or even whether Loftus would be doing a second phase in the Chuck E Cheese part of the strip mall in late 2016.

Concept drawings were made available at that meeting showing different development possibilities, depending upon what partnerships were put together. But without a development contract with urban renewal, this developer cannot enter into real negotiations with the existing Arvada Square business tenants, let alone enter into agreements with new businesses that might want to locate in the rebuilt shopping center. And the Safeway building could end up being a new fitness center, or it could be a block of apartments, or a senior living facility, or even owner-occupied townhomes.

And if Loftus doesn’t work out, there are other developers in the wings who have also made unsolicited proposals to develop on the site with their own development concepts.

This meeting is being held at a different site than the one where the May 27th community meeting was held at. This one will be at


AT 6:00 PM

The CLRC has run several articles about the developments in the Arvada Square part of the Triangle. Here’s a link to a more recent one:

The Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) also has a short write-up on the May 27th meeting at this link:

The Denver Post has an article covering the Arvada Square development at

And, as always, the Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community is an independent neighborhood association representing the neighborhoods adjacent to Ralston Road from the Wadsworth Bypass to the Kipling Parkway.

You can read all of our articles on our main website at or you can read even more posts on our Facebook page at “CLRC – Citizens for a Liveable Ralston Community”. You can write to us, call us or email us at

c/o John Kiljan, Secretary
6185 Field Street
Arvada, CO 80004


July 27, 2015

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Opinion: Arvada Needs Leaders

by John Kiljan

Dear CLRC members and friends,

Okay everyone. Listen up! Arvada needs smart, young and well-informed citizens to lead the City into its next generations. If that’s you – or if it could be you – you need to be aware of two educational offers that will soon expire and may not come your way again. Both the City of Arvada and the Arvada Chamber of Commerce are offering courses that should tell you exactly how the gears and wheels turn that have given Arvada the enviable reputation of being one of the best places in Colorado to live.

Knowing how local government works is the first step in becoming a community leader. You don’t need a college degree, influential friends, a lot of money, or well-paying job to give back to your city some of what it gave to you while you were growing up here. And you don’t have to become a City Council member or a Mayor to contribute. You don’t even have to stand up and give speeches. Arvada has many boards and commissions that serve functions almost as important, and that require a lot less personal time.

But you do need to learn, and you need to learn a lot. You need to learn about things as mundane as how your water bill is put together, how we fix and build our roads, how we plan for growth, how we make decisions, and you need to learn how organizations other than the City of Arvada’s government also provide for our community needs. And finding out what you need learn isn’t that easy. That’s why these two courses are a golden opportunity both for self-improvement and for bettering your community

So why plan to go through all that book learnin’ and then volunteer to be on one of Arvada’s many public service boards and commissions? It’s true that Arvada is rich in volunteers for things like City boards and advisory committees. But it’s also true that our volunteers and leaders are part of an ageing population. The City could really use a younger perspective on what we are and what our future should be.

Below are the cut-and-paste announcements for each course. The ‘City Hall 101’ course is free. Actually, it’s more than free. They will feed you a bit as well. But the course is new and it will probably concentrate just on City functions.

The better course is probably the Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Leadership Arvada’ course. They will probably feed you too, but it’s far from free. Actually, it’s pretty darn expensive. On the plus side, they have offered it for a number of years and have had the time to work out all the bugs. And the course includes other than just City of Arvada functions.

But don’t let the CoC’s tuition costs put you off. I’ve heard that many attendees are sponsored by their employers (ask them!), and for those that aren’t, the Chamber offers scholarships to those who want to attend. If you are a member of one of Arvada’s minority communities or have good connections to them, I would not hesitate to apply for free enrollment. Arvada’s Hispanic, African American and east European communities are very underrepresented in City government.   And the Chamber can well afford to pop for a scholarship or two or three.

Here are the two announcements:

City of Arvada “City Hall 101″


City of Arvada Launches First Ever City Hall 101
Are you interested in getting a behind-the-scenes look at how local government works? Do you want to get more involved in and have a positive impact on your community? The City of Arvada is launching City Hall 101 to provide YOU with that opportunity.

What is City Hall 101?
City Hall 101 is a series of classes offering citizens an in-depth look at city services. Beginning September 17, 2015, participants will attend a total of 12 classes (once or twice per month) on Thursday evenings, covering every aspect of Arvada’s government structure as well as the Apex Recreation District and Arvada Fire Protection District.

What Can I Expect from City Hall 101?
City Hall 101 will be highly informative, interactive and fun! Meet the City Manager and other members of City staff at such locations as the Arvada Center, police station and water treatment facility. The classes are free and light snacks and beverages will be available. Upon graduation from City Hall 101 in April of 2016, participants will be well-equipped to be effective participants in neighborhood and civic affairs.

Class size is limited to 32 participants. The deadline to apply is August 14, 2015.

[To apply follow this link: ]

* * *

There is still time to apply for Leadership Arvada!



Participants in the program will complete the 9-month program better equipped with

An in-depth knowledge about the fabric of Arvada including your city government, non-profit community, education, business and much more.

Strong relationships with their class and community leaders.

Sharpened leadership skills through personal and professional development.

A big impact on Arvada’s future with a community project.




Leadership/Professional Development
Meet some of our community leaders and hear what best practices got them were they are today. Hone your own skills through professional development sessions and learning from each other.

Non-Profit Organizations/Service Club
Learn first-hand how organizations like Ralston House, Colorado Homeless Families, services clubs and other agencies contribute to the quality of life in our community. You will be amazed at the hidden gems that work quietly to improve the lives of others.

Local Government
Meet with City elected officials and management to discuss challenges facing the community, leadership opportunities and the importance of community involvement. Participate in a mock trail and experience first-hand challenges City Council faces.

County Government
Gain insight into the interworking’s of Jefferson County Government. Hear from key elected officials like Jefferson County Sheriff, Commissioners and First Judicial District Attorney. There are many initiatives that affect us at the county level.

Arts and Culture
Go behind the scenes of the award winning Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities and learn what makes it one of the nation’s largest multidisciplinary art centers. What challenges does it face and who funds this fantastic venue? Visit the Banquet center and learn what’s on the horizon for these separate organinzations.

Economic Development/Business
Arvada is home to robust mix of thousands of businesses. Each fills a need and contributes to the vitality of our community. Learn about the role of Arvada Economic Development, Arvada Urban Renewal and Arvada Chamber of Commerce and how they support economic development in Arvada. How has the Goldline spurred development and what issues will it bring?

Tour a school from one of Arvada’s many pedagogies: Public, Private, Charter and Parochial.  See how they make an impact on the next generation of leaders. Learn more the amazing community college that is in your own backyard—Red Rocks Community College! Did you know they offer a Physicians Assistant program—only a handful of community colleges across the nation boast this honor.

Law Enforcement
Interact with the officers who provide Arvada with a safe and secure community. Did you know the Arvada Police Department was the first accredited agency in the state of Colorado? Participate in an emergency preparedness exercise and gain valuable insight into effort it takes to keep our citizens safe.

Fire Protection District
Learn more about this special district and how they do so much more than fight fires. From emergency services to life safety education this CFAI accredited district is a highly valued benefit of living in Arvada. You might even have the opportunity to ride the ’95 aerial ladder truck.

Learn about and discuss the various components of Arvada’s award winning park and trail system, roles of the different park and recreation organizations and publically owned golf courses.

Public Works
Where does our water come from? Learn the sophisticated network of streets, fleet management and water quality and so much more.

For more information please contact Lynn Sierras-Krone at


Copyright © *2015* Arvada Chamber of Commerce*, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:

7305 Grandview Ave
Arvada, CO 80002

[This posting was received via email on July 23, 2015]


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320 New TOD Apartments, New Kipling Traffic Light & Red Rocks Doubles in Size

by John Kiljan

Dear CLRC members and friends,

At a posted Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) workshop held on July 15th, the Board of Commissioners was briefed on three important developments near the Arvada Ridge Gold Line station that is now under construction.

Site for the new apartments, Arvada Ridge Station, Red Rocks expansion and the new road

Site for the new apartments, Arvada Ridge Station, Red Rocks expansion and the new road

Rich Schierburg talked about his plans to develop his remaining property just north of the tracks and next to Red Rocks Community College. Mr Schierburg, with Peregrine Group Development, is one of the developers of the Arvada Station apartments located just south of the new commuter rail station. He was also the developer of the nearby Target store.

Here are some extracts of my notes from his 20-minute talk:

He has spent the last 20 years developing the old Ridge Home area. Mr Schierburg is proud of his role in renewing the eyesore of old abandoned buildings left when the State closed down the Home and later offered the property up for redevelopment. This latest proposal is for the last remaining parcel of land he owns.

At first, he had planned on putting in 225 owner-occupied condos on the 11-acre site, but after having a couple of market studies done he found that he would lose money on the one- and two-bedroom units he built. And he would only make a return on his investment with the 8% that were to be 3-bedroom units.

And that doesn’t even figure in the $20 thousand-plus cost of construction-defect liability insurance per unit (amounting to about $4.5 million more) if he can get it. That expense would raise the price of the condos by another 10%.

Liability insurers are telling him that they are not going to lower the charges for Colorado cities, such as Lakewood, who have already passed their own construction defect laws. They are still worried about what the State laws say and they don’t want to take the risk. Like Lakewood, Arvada is now considering passing its own construction defect laws.

So he decided instead to go with 320 market-rate, for-rent-only apartments on the site. Peregrine will partner wth Embrey Partners on the project. That’s the same company Peregrine worked with on the Arvada Station apartments.

These units will not be what are often referred to ‘affordable housing’.   Instead, they will be a higher grade of apartments with even more amenities than the Arvada Station apartments on the other side of the tracks.

Existing Arvada Station apartments in Arvada Ridge

Existing Arvada Station apartments in Arvada Ridge (corrected image)

Building them to a higher standard will cost more – about 12%, but it should also make it easier for them to be converted to condos after the construction defect time limitations have expired (after about 8 years). The apartment will come with a smaller average floor plan than Arvada Station to keep the rents down.

And they will be high density, with over 30 units per acre. To do that they will be built to four stories and will have elevators – something Arvada Station does not have across the tracks.

Mr Schierburg said he thought much of the trend toward higher-end apartments in the metro area is being driven by new tech-oriented jobs where young professionals are making very good salaries, even when just starting their careers. Even affordable housing in apartments has gotten to be expensive in Arvada’s market.

Apparently, the metro Denver area has the highest rental rates of any city in America that is not a coastal city. And, in turn, Arvada has some of the highest rents in the metro area – as well as some of the lowest apartment vacancy rates. He does, however, see hope for new affordable apartment housing just west of the Red Rocks campus along Ridge Road.

Other features will include a dog washing room, an area to walk dogs, a bicycle repair and storage area, and a small “pocket park” located adjacent to Ridge Road that will be open to the public using the Arvada Ridge commuter rail station on the other side of Ridge Road.

Still, Rich Schierburg is worried about getting financing for the project, mostly because of rising construction costs and higher impact fees, and because of other competition coming in the housing market for apartments.

His next step will be to solicit community feedback on the project. Mr Schierburg is planning to hold a public input meeting in the next 30 to 45 days. Look for an announcement as an update to this article on

If it goes as planned, he hopes to be under construction in about a year – perhaps sooner. That will be followed with an 18-month construction schedule. That will mean completion after RTD’s Gold Line starts running in 2016; but, like Park Place in Olde Town, some units may be let out while the rest of the development is still under construction.

* * *

RRCC ground breaking display board.  The building on the right in the top view is the expansion.

RRCC ground breaking display board. The building on the right in the top view is the expansion.

Rich Schierburg and RTD are not the only ones building at Arvada Ridge. The adjacent Red Rocks Community College located on the west side of the Schierburg property just broke ground on a $22.5 million expansion. That expansion will more than double the attendance at the school – from 700 students to 1500.   Most of the new students will be enrolled in accredited health sciences programs such as pre-nursing, nurses aides, medical technicians, medical diagnostics, physician assistants and other medical support careers. RRCC already has a healthy pre-university science program.

The number of staff and faculty will also increase fourfold, and the campus will triple in size with the inclusion of a new clinic.

The expansion will make the college a national leader in training healthcare professionals in these fields. Unlike most community colleges, Red Rocks will offer Bachelor’s degrees, and it will be the only community college in the nation to offer a Master’s Degree. The MS degree will be for the highly competitive profession of Physician Assistant. PAs are increasingly being used in the rural parts of Colorado where there are no resident MDs.

There were a lot of players in getting funding for this project. Ron Slinger, the Executive Director of the RRCC Foundation, said that the largest project donation ($10 million) came from the Colorado General Assembly. Apparently, the Legislature was impressed by the economics of the expansion. The PA program alone is expected to cause an additional $900 thousand a year to be spent in proximity to the campus by the 60 students enrolled in that program. Also, in a Department of Labor report, the Legislature was also told that there will be a severe shortage of needed health care providers in the metro area in the coming years.   The college has a goal of achieving a 100% placement rate for its health-care graduates.

RRCC expansion model.  The curved building is the existing facility.

RRCC expansion model. The curved building is the existing facility.

Even though the college is $2.6 million short of needed funding, the expansion project is on a fast track to be completed sometime in the fall of 2016. The City of Arvada has already contributed $1 million to the expansion.

Dr Michele Haney, the President of RRCC, said there will be an emphasis on teamwork and new medical technologies for simulations. For example, their mannequins will breathe, have heart attacks, give birth to babies, talk, groan and sometimes die on their ‘caregivers’.

The college will have emergency response facilities with an ambulance bay, x-ray and ultrasound equipment and other medical technologies that can be turned over to emergency-response authorities in the event of an emergency. The on-site clinic will include exam rooms, operating rooms and a meeting space that can hold 200 people.

Dr Haney also said that Red Rocks partners with Jeffco schools to allow students to graduate from high school and the community college with an associate’s degree at [the same] time – effectively getting two years of college out of the way for graduating high school seniors.

* * *

But there is more happening at Arvada Ridge. A new road and intersection with the Kipling Parkway is also in the works.

Arvada has a vehicle access problem with developments on the north side of the Arvada Ridge commuter rail station. The Gold Line can only be boarded from the north side of the track because of the Burlington Northern track next to it. But the available parking will only be on the south side. Riders from the 200-space parking lot will have to pass through a tunnel under the tracks and then take an elevator up to the platform. And southbound drivers on Kipling who want to get to the station’s parking lot will have to follow a circuitous access route passing the Jack-in-the-Box restaurant on 51st Place.

What that means is that drivers doing drop-offs or pick-ups at the rail station, or going to the college, or to the new apartments may tend to instead follow either a very residential Miller Street or to use an already very busy Independence Street. In the past, City traffic engineers have looked at providing an exit-only off-ramp off of southbound Kipling to mitigate the problem. They concluded that, not only would the project be very expensive, but it would be unlikely to be effective in keeping traffic off of Miller and Independence.

But the City Council was not satisfied with that answer. They asked City Traffic to do another evaluation using a consultant. The plan the consultant came up with was shown at the AURA workshop by City Traffic Engineer Ben Waldman. The plan (and the exact road location) is still preliminary, but the idea is to split off another short road from the Red Rocks campus entry drive and drop it down the hill to meet the Kipling Parkway where it will connect with a signalized full intersection.

You can see where that is likely to be in the first illustration in this article. The short road and proposed intersection is roughly drawn in in black. In the current concept, the traffic coming off of Kipling would have to be distributed in five different directions. Those would be joined at a single signal-free, European-style roundabout. The road will also provide access to Rich Schierburg’s new apartments.

Proposed roundabout and connections

Proposed roundabout and connections

This concept hasn’t been run by the full Council yet, but a workshop is tentatively scheduled for September 21st to do that. The price tag is also iffy. The consultant, Felsburg Holt & Ulliveg, currently has a $1.25 million estimated cost for the project. But there may be some unanticipated difficulties getting the design to work. The grade is steep. Mr Waldman said the final cost may go higher. And the project is currently without a schedule. It has yet to be prioritized and put into the Capital Improvement Projects budget.

The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community is an independent neighborhood association representing the neighborhoods adjacent to Ralston Road from the Wadsworth Bypass to the Kipling Parkway.

You can read all of our articles on our main website at or you can read even more posts on our Facebook page at “CLRC – Citizens for a Liveable Ralston Community”. You can write to us, call us or email us at

c/o John Kiljan, Secretary
6185 Field Street
Arvada, CO 80004


July 20, 2015








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Olde Town Hotel Comments Due

The preliminary plans for a Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Olde Town go before the Arvada Planning Commission on August 4th. If you have an opinion on whether the proposal should be approved that you’d like the PC to read before they act, you have until the end of the week to get your comments in. The Commission will be concentrating on two things: whether a hotel is an appropriate use for the land, and whether there should be a height exception to bring the building up to 64 feet above ground level to accommodate the planned five stories.

The hotel is being opposed and supported by several groups, so commenting to the Commission may be important if you are for or against this proposal. The Arvada City Council usually – but not always – follows the recommendations of the Planning Commission in approving projects such as this.

Here is a copy of the meeting posting that the developer has sent out with information on where to send your comments.  The Planning Commission will also take public comment in person at their August 4th meeting.

The planning for the hotel has been covered in a number of articles on the CLRC’s home page at

— JK

PC Public Hearing Notice_1

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Olde Town Hotel Developer Delivers Preliminary Design to City

by John Kiljan

Dear CLRC members and friends,

Olde Town’s first modern hotel is getting closer. Design plans were delivered to the City of Arvada for approval last week. HGIColored renderings_3CroppedThe new Hilton Garden Inn will be located on Olde Wadsworth across from Lowe’s at the old Brooklyns site that now houses the Mile High Vineyard church just south of Olde Town.

Checking with the designers earlier this week confirmed that the project is to include:

five stories,
139 rooms,
a $17 million project cost,
employment for 60 to 80 people, depending upon the season,
a restaurant and lounge,
indoor pool and fitness center,
business center, and
up to 3000 square feet of available event and meeting space.

The next step in the approval process will be a hearing before the City of Arvada Planning Commission which must approve a building height exception for the five-story hotel. That’s scheduled for August 6th. The building is expected to top out at 64 feet above ground level. Community Development said that the hotel is far enough from the center of Olde Town that its design does not have to go before the Design Review Committee for an architectural review.

The developers recently said they are hoping to close on the property as soon as this October, and the project could break ground the same month. Construction is expected to take 14 months, which means the hotel could open as soon as January of 2017.

But other construction projects in the metro area are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, and additional construction or approval delays are still possible. The builders of the Solana Olde Town Station apartments recently asked for a nine-month extension of the time needed to complete construction of about 350 new apartments near Olde Town. They are to be built just east of the mini-storage facility on the Wadsworth Bypass, and construction is expected to start on that project at the end of the year as well.

Why is the design pictured being used? The answer: because it’s what the public said they preferred. In a public meeting held by the developers in March, attendees were asked about four design choices that were consistent with what Hilton Garden Inn would accept for their branded hotels. The choice shown here was favored more than the other designs offered.

HGIColored renderings_1Although it does not match very well with the structures immediately adjacent to it, those who favored this design said they liked it because it is a better match for the older buildings in the heart of Olde Town. The developer also likes it. Since it does not use expensive brickwork in it’s design, it can be built at a lower cost than the other options. What looks like brick in the renditions is actually stucco that will have a brick-like appearance.

HGIColored renderings_2FINANCES
This hotel nearly didn’t happen. AURA, and the City, have been working for at least a decade to bring a hotel to Olde Town. According to the urban renewal authority’s statements, they have entered into negotiations to build a hotel on the site on four previous occasions – only to have each fall through because the developers could not get the financing needed to build a hotel at this location. This is the first time the numbers seem to be working and acceptable to the banks that actually finance the project.

To help make the numbers work, AURA is subsidizing the developer. According to its balance sheet, AURA is selling the land (valued between $783 thousand and $1.31 million) to the developer for only $500,000. In addition, the urban renewal authority is giving back to the developer up to $800,000 in new occupancy taxes that the hotel is expected to earn for AURA over the next ten years.

Those taxes are paid by the hotel’s guest and are added to their bill as a separate 2% item, along with other taxes and fees added by the hotel. There’s nothing out-of-pocket for Arvada residents in these numbers. If you don’t stay at the hotel or use its facilities, you don’t pay any taxes or fees. The cost of a stay at the hotel will be competitive with the overall Denver-area market.

Frequent reports in social media that the land being sold is actually worth $3.3 million, or even $3.6 million, are not true. Those figures are, instead, what AURA has invested in trying to develop this property over many years. And the building itself is a liability, not an asset, since the developer has to bear the cost of demolishing it before a hotel can be built.

The City of Arvada has “skin in the game” as well. As a church, this property hasn’t generated any sales taxes for years. But once it opens as a hotel, the City will be redirecting about $172 thousand a year in new sales taxes the hotel earns back to AURA. That will last until AURA’s authority has run out in 2033. This money will be used to further urban renewal by AURA.

However, the Arvada Police Department does receive all of its new sales taxes. The APD is expected to receive $23,000 a year for law-enforcement purposes. The City is also rewriting a loan AURA has on the property to receive a lower interest rate.

The intangible benefits the new hotel and its guests will bring to the City are substantial. Visitors to Arvada will have a pretty nice place to stay within walking distance of the many things that an increasingly popular Olde Town has to offer. That’s good for business, and it’s good for friends or relatives coming to visit residents for things like weddings or family reunions.

But even with a subsidy, the hotel seems to be a good financial investment as well. From a property that for years has produced no revenue at all, the new hotel is expected to bring $3 million in new retail sales to the City each year. That alone will bring in about $100,000 a year in new City sales taxes to be spent throughout the City on things like parks and road maintenance. In addition to that, over the next 17 years, the hotel project is expected to net nearly $3 million each to AURA and to the City in direct benefits. And the money that AURA gets has to be reinvested in further urban renewal projects in the area.

HGIColored renderings_3WHERE TO FIND OUT MORE
AURA has been very open in its financials about the project and the risks involved with it. There is a pretty complete rundown available of who-gets-what financially in the proposal. You can find that material in the AURA Board of Commissioner’s meeting packet posted when the proposal came up for approval at their January 7, 2015 meeting. That’s on their website at

or you can download just the approval document itself by clicking on this link.


Your neighborhood association, the CLRC, has posted several articles on the proposed hotel in the recent past. Here is one link:

It has the alternative designs proposed and views of the surrounding buildings.

For a very different view of the work urban renewal and the City have done to bring this project to Olde Town, you can also look at an article put out by a group in opposition to the new hotel at this link. Although there is no byline, it’s thought to have been written by mayoral candidate Dave Chandler.

And, as always, the Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community is an independent neighborhood association representing the neighborhoods adjacent to Ralston Road from the Wadsworth Bypass to the Kipling Parkway.

You can read all of our articles on our main website at or you can read even more posts on our Facebook page at “CLRC – Citizens for a Liveable Ralston Community”. You can write to us, call us or email us at

c/o John Kiljan, Secretary
6185 Field Street
Arvada, CO 80004


July 11, 2015


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Those Darling Raccoons

by Charley Ault

My family has lived in the Arvada area since the mid-60s, and since 1979 in the Alta Vista area. We are passionate about our home, our yard, our flowers and our garden. We have seen a lot of things come and go and we have seen a lot of changes. We try our hardest to set a good example and be good neighbors.

Raccoon2That being said, we have a huge problem in the area that all of us can help solve. We noticed an increased activity with the Raccoon population in the last couple of years. They eat the corn, they destroy the grapes and ruin all the flowers. They are becoming more aggressive with their increase in population and it is getting to the point where we do not want to go outside.

We even hired a trapper, and within four days we trapped and relocated 11 Raccoons. We have seen at least five more. And a couple of them will, I am sure, weigh in at close to 25 pounds. That is a varmint I do not want to meet eye-to-eye in the dark of the night.

So, you ask, “What can I do?” Here are a few remedies to help all of us control this situation:

1 – Do NOT encourage them or feed them.

2- Pick up your dog and cat food, and do not leave their food outside at night.

3- Keep your grass cut and trash picked up in the yard.

4- Talk to your neighbors about the problem and let them know about it as well.











It is only a matter of time before they start getting into our houses, nesting in the attics and even coming into the house in the middle of the night or while you are away. None of us want this to happen. This is truly bad for our homes and our communities and we can do something about it.


— Charley Ault

The City of Arvada has a link that talks about the risks of your pets contracting distemper from wild animals that come into your yard. Here is the link:


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Carl Campanella Announces He’s Running for City Council At Large

At-Large Councilors are elected by the entire City. Currently, Bob Fifer and Kathy Drulard have also announced they are running for this seat. Councilor Bob Fifer is the incumbent.

Here’s Mr Campanella’s press release:

* * *

June 27, 2015 – Arvada, Colorado

Carl Campanella, a native resident of Arvada, has announced his candidacy for the Arvada City Council at Large.

Carl Campanella

Carl Campanella

“I loved growing up in Arvada, especially during the 1950 to 1970 time period. We actually had MANAGED GROWTH. Most of the police knew us by first name and we knew them as “Officer” so and so. We could and did play baseball and even camped out in the Arvada Cemetery. Is this Mayberry? No, it is Americana, and what a way to grow up!” Carl is an alumnus of Russell Elementary, Drake Junior High, and, Arvada West, class of 1971! Carl is also has a BA in Political Science.

“Campi”, to his family, friends and neighbors stated there is a vacuum of independent thinking in the sitting city council for Arvada. “I have learned that a white ballot, or unanimous vote on a consistent and ongoing basis, in any sitting leadership body, is a sign of arrogance in leadership and disrespect for the people who elected them to office. Followers should not be leaders! To not debate issues in front of the people, this is not transparent, nor is it honest leadership. By not listening to the voice of the majority there is no representative leadership, only leadership afraid to lead, only leadership afraid to let the public know what is really at heart!”

“We as citizens have a right to know just as much of the concerns and issues facing Arvada as city council, in fact, we have more right!”

Campanella said he is concerned about how Arvada Urban Renewal and the city were able to sell land for redevelopment at such incredibly low prices by using tax incentives and subsidies without citizen approval. “The land and building that has been used by Vineyard Church across from Lowe’s has been sold to a developer for $500,000.00, urban renewal owned the property for $2,780,000.00. Is this fiscally responsible to those of us who live here? Is this fiscal responsibility to us as citizens, I think not! Vineyard even offered to buy the property at a fair market value. The location of the Pak Place Old Town, the developer paid $10.00 for the property. Is this fiscal responsibility to us as citizens, I think not!”

Campanella has observed that with every urban renewal project, there can or will be or has been residences or businesses that have been relocated, many to other cities. Most of the jobs brought in through urban renewal are minimal wage, barely able to live off of, service positions. “We have a large amount of open warehouse and office space in Arvada, why not bring in some light manufacturing without annexing the land it sits on? If something is not more forth coming from economic development, people will not be able to afford to live here.”

“Campi” has concerns about the growth in the northwest area of Arvada. There is an obvious concern about the area being developed, but, not by the urban renewal authority or city council.

“The people of Arvada, MY HOME TOWN, deserve so much more respect than what they are being given by our city council. We deserve leadership that believes in service and leadership and independent thinking instead of what we have now. When elected, I will not be afraid to lead, I will not be a follower, I will not vote just to go along with the rest of council. I will stand for Arvada and her people.”

Campanella stated there are so many more issues that need to be addressed. His top 3 concerns are subsidies and incentives to developers, mismanaged and unbridled growth and the total disconcert when it comes to City Hall and the lack of respect for us as citizens.

“Given the opportunity to make a positive difference for Arvada and bring more transparent communication with my strong ethics, we can bring back the Arvada that is the cause of many of us living here, and yet, we can responsibly move to a future of prosperity and quality growth with the “Home Town” atmosphere. We are not Mayberry and never have been.”

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And, as always, “The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community does not endorse candidates for public office. However, we often post candidacy announcements, press releases, interviews and questionnaire responses for those running for office. And we encourage our members to actively support whatever candidate they choose during elections.”

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