SD 19 race with a special note to Libertarians

Want to have you single vote count more this election season? If you do then you need to vote in the Senate District 19 election.

Ballots will be in your mail box this week!!!

One would think this election is between Rachael Zenzinger and Laure Woods. Both candidates have real issues. Zenzinger has run afoul of campaign ethics laws and Woods right leaning views are distasteful to some.

However, this election and you vote, are far more important that the individuals running. This election is about control of the State Senate. It looks as though the State Senate will be decided by one seat. That seat is our very own Senate District 19.

You might say “Why should I care who controls the Senate.” The answer is simple. If Democrats control the Senate then they control all three branches of the state government. If Republicans control the senate then there are checks and balances.

You might remember the disaster that pretended to be a state government the last time one party help all three branches of the state government. That was just 2013. That mess lead to enough people being upset that Colorado saw its first successful recall of sate level elected officials.

I am not writing this to tell you how to vote. I do want to remind you though that your vote counts and you need to consider the ramifications of that vote. Think carefully and decide if you want a state government that is controlled by one party, or if you believe that the state government should be a balanced body where all points of view are represented.

A Special Note to Libertarians: Your vote count more than any other in this election. The past three elections have been decided by less than 1000 votes. In those elections about 6,000 Libertarians have voted in each election. In truth your vote will decide this election. Voting for a third party candidate often feels good, however, in this case that self indulgence may be the difference between a party monopoly at the state level and come semblance of balance. I urge you to consider the ramifications of that monopoly the cast your vote for the mainstream party that best represents your ideals.







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