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  1. Judy Bauernschmidt says:

    I am a resident of the West Woods neighborhood and have been following the progress of the Jefferson Parkway. I have a growing concern over the evolving plans of where the parkway will be built through Arvada and a huge concern regarding the disruption of the soils at Rocky Flats. I am not sure if Arvada residents are aware of the potential negative impact that will have on Arvada. Where are the Arvada City Council candidates on this issue?

  2. Georgie Whelan says:

    I just have to say that I’m not even sure how I came across the article CHANGES COMING TO THE TRIANGLE but WOW.

    Wonderful in-depth information! Along with being very well written.

    I spend a lot of time digging for answers about the upcoming changes to my neighborhood (just north of the creek off of Oberon Rd & Garrison.

    I love this part of town, if even a tad bit run down. My glass is half full and it appears I’m not alone.

    Thanks for restoring my hope that someone out there besides me cares!

  3. Cheryl Lammers says:

    Is Arvada government unaware of the overcrowding in this city? As a long term resident, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get around town. Parking is terrible, streets are in poor repair, restaurants and grocery stores are congested, schools are crowded and poorly maintained. Growth needs to include the school district and major roadways as well as locally controlled services. I have actually begun contemplating a move to get away from the congestion. This is starting to feel more like living in an urban area. The continued establishment of additional multi-family dwellings is not improving the quality of life here! I keep seeing FB posts about how great Arvada is and I am afraid I just don’t see it anymore! Getting anywhere is a challenge with impatient drivers and traffic. If I wanted to live in an urban Mecca, I would have bought a home in Denver. We are being forced to go outside of Arvada for groceries and services just to be able to get some room to breath!!! Seems there should be some focus on maintaining current, successful businesses and facilities at reasonable prices versus ousting businesses and trying to bring in new ones. I am also wondering what study was done to indicate the need for a hotel? I fear this will become another drug addict haven in a short time. Why would someone stay in an expensive Arvada hotel when they could be in Breckenridge, Vail, etc? Most hotels are nice for a few years then begin to decline and fall into disrepair…Holiday Inn in Golden? Old Ramada Inn off of I70 and Kipling, hotel by Denny’s …it is rare for a hotel to survive many years outside of a tourist area and without large sums for maintenance. Our law enforcement and fire services will require expansion as well as increased water and power use. More cars means lower air quality. Increased taxes -For what? To live in an overcrowded city? This is not why I established my home here! There have not been any viable candidates for city government in a while, and I do believe many of our officials are in over their heads with all this development. Thanks for your articles and information and thanks for allowing me to rant!

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