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Last updated:  February 18, 2011

[Note:  This, and other menu items, are hopelessly out of date and need to be revised to update the changed and inactive links.  If you need specific information before that gets done, just email the CLRC secretary at .]

Here, in no particular order, is a short list of internet addresses for websites that carry information about happenings related to the neighborhoods that are a part of the Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community.  You should be able to click on each link to activate it, but you may have to cut-and-paste the link into your browser’s address window if your browser or email service does not support active links.  The instructions for doing that are listed at the bottom of this post.

This is the Ralston Road Corridor Plan web page.  It is maintained by Arvada’s City Traffic Engineer, Patricia Lorence.  The page has links to a number of documents associated with the study which has been going on for over a year.  It does not have all the public comments to date.  A final recommendation to the Council is expected in March of 2011, so look for updates.  Patty can be reached at or 720-898-7740.

This is the link to the reconstruction of the park at Garrison Street and Ralston Road.  It is thought to be kept up by Vicky Reier, Arvada’s Assistant City Manager.  It includes a number of links to documents and plans, but does not yet have the bird’s-eye views of the proposed park or any final design information.  However, the site does have a contact list for the project designers and a projected construction schedule.  Vicky can be reached at or 720-898-7509.

This web page is for the effort to develop new parking and begin enhanced parking enforcement in Olde Town.  It also talks about possible sites for the construction of a new multi-story garage, but does not include RTD’s parking plans for Olde Town.  The page is no longer being updated, but still has useful links to the Final Plan documents approved by the City Council for these activities.  Kevin Nichols, Arvada’s Senior Planner, is the contact person for the Olde Town parking effort.  He can be reached at

This is the City’s “Ask Arvada” web page.  It can be used in several ways.  Either type in a questions in the “Service Request” box, select one of the “Frequently Asked Questions” categories, or go to the “Didn’t Find the Answer to Your Question?” links at the bottom of the page to make a formal information request or to see a long list of department telephone numbers.  Several CLRC members have reported good experiences using this service.

This is the Denver Post’s website.  It can be difficult to navigate and you may have to try a couple of different browsers to get the pages to display properly, but it is a goldmine of local information and worth the effort.  Many of the articles are reprinted in abbreviated form in the Denver Post’s Thursday print edition.  The site also allows for readers to post their own articles.  Several CLRC News articles have been reprinted this way.  The primary reporter for activities along the central Ralston Road corridor is Karen Groves.  She can be contacted at 303-954-2303 or

After you click on this link, go to the “Arvada Press” tab to see the latest news about Arvada.  Megan Quinn is the primary reporter for our local news and is often seen at City Council meetings.  She also does some interesting interviews.  Her paper only reports on local news.  Unfortunately, many of the Arvada Press’ online articles are viewable by subscription only.  Often the best way for readers to see the paper’s write-ups is to simply pick up the print edition from their front lawns.  On my street the Arvada Press’ free delivery usually arrives late Thursday or on Friday morning.  Megan Quinn can be contacted at 303-279-5541 x233 or

This is the web page that has a list of “Streaming Council Meeting Videos” links.  The videos may work with a dial-up service, but a broadband connection is best.  Recommended for CLRC members is the January 24, 2011 video that includes the two-hour study session for the Ralston Road Complex (mostly the bridge, flood, park and Triangle plans) hosted by Vicky Reier.


There is also a “podcast” archive with just the audio from the Council meetings at this link,

but you will not find any recordings of informal meetings held in the 3rd Floor Conference Room.  This room is where many of the Council’s study sessions take place.  To get that information you usually have to attend and meetings usually start at 5:30 pm.  The conference room meetings are open to the public.  Eat before you go.  It’s not polite to help yourself to the Council’s early dinner without first being invited.

Has links to the contact numbers and email addresses of each Council member.  Except for Bob Dyer, it also has a short biography of each Council member.  Four of these Council seats are up for election this November:  District 2 (McGoff), District 4 (Dyer), one At-Large seat (Williams) and the Mayor’s seat (Frie).

Council meeting packets not only have the agendas for the upcoming Council meetings, but they often have very useful presentation material that City Staff will be presenting to the Council members during workshops and formal hearings.  Unfortunately, the latest packet is normally posted only on the Friday before a Monday Council meeting.  I check this web page before every Arvada City Council meeting to go through the planned agenda.

This the City’s “Notify Me” registration page.  Normally, if you register, you will just get a reminder of which Council meetings are being cancelled or a reminder of when the Council packets are ready for viewing.  But sometimes other important meetings are announced as well.

This is the hard way to get information, but it is a useful link to the City of Arvada’s searchable archives.  You can get documents here that are not available otherwise.  I use it to look at the newsletters being sent to City Council members.

The Arvada Urban Renewal Authority’s website is pretty sparse when it comes to information.  AURA does not post its public PowerPoint presentations, and you’ll have to ask about board meetings, minutes and the like.   But the site has good graphics and that includes high-definition views of the four concept plans for the Triangle.  There is still a link to a dated, but interesting, plan for the Triangle on the City’s website at that dates back to 2003.  AURA’s contact is Maureen Phair and she can be reached at 720-898-7060 or

The Apex Park and Recreation District’s website is loaded with useful information on recreational events.  That can make it hard to find things like board meeting agendas, minutes, election information and planning documents.  It’s there — you just have to dig for it.  If anyone has any favorite links for the District’s website, please let me know.




You can cut and paste a line of text from almost any program or web page to any other application by following these simple steps.  This technique is often useful if you can’t get an automatic website link to work.  It sounds complicated, but it’s not.  And, it is usually much simpler than trying to type in a long internet website address.  Here’s how you do it for the internet addresses we’ve listed:


  1. Move the mouse cursor to the beginning the internet address you want to go to.
  2. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the end of the link.
  3. You should see the internet address change color.
  4. Then release the left mouse button.
  5. Hold down the CTRL key and tap the letter C on the keyboard.
  6. Then release the CTRL key.
  7. Go to your browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc) and move the mouse cursor to the address line and left click once.
  8. You may see the address line change color.
  9. Now hold down the CTRL key one more time and tap the letter V on the keyboard.
  10. Then release the CTRL key.
  11. You should see the new http:// address line pasted into your into your browser.
  12. Simply hit the ENTER key once and wait for the new web page to load up.

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