December 15, 2010
by John Kiljan

The City of Arvada has been studying design concepts for the reconstruction of Ralston Road between Olde Town and Kipling for over a year now. And, the City Staff is close to making a final recommendation to the Arvada City Council for the corridor’s future. The deadline for public input on their final selection will be is this Monday.

This section of Ralston Road is one of Arvada’s major arterials. It is also one of the city’s oldest. It has a patchwork of incomplete sidewalks and many safety issues including narrow lanes and awkward turns. In some areas, despite being close to a K-8 school, there are no sidewalks at all. The road is closed to bicycles.

Six initial design concepts have been narrowed down to four by the City’s consultant and it’s those final four that are now open for public comment.

All of the remaining four designs feature

• a taking of parts of commercial properties adjacent to the road,
• on-street parallel parking adjacent to traffic along the length of the road,
• somewhat wider lanes — but still narrower than Ralston Road farther west,
• the elimination of most left turns along the corridor,
• continued restrictions for bicycle access, and
• at-grade planting of trees close to the road.

The study has also outlined plans for further commercial development and new apartment construction adjacent to the residential areas between Olde Town and the Triangle/Arvada Square urban redevelopment areas.

How to Find Out More and Comment

The City’s primary contact for public feedback on the designs is Patricia Lorence, the Arvada City Traffic Engineer, at She is managing the study. You may also call her at 720-898-7741.

Comments and questions about design details and potential community impacts can also be directed to the design consultant, Jim Charlier with Charlier Associates, at If you write to him, be sure to cc: a copy to Patty as well.

The City is requesting that comments be made through an online survey that can be found on the City’s web page for the study at

Click on the Complete the Online Survey! option on the right-hand side of the page on or before December 20th to complete the survey. The web page also has a summary of the planning work done so far along with tutorials, meeting surveys and a video.

Also, Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community (CLRC) expects to have its own RALTON ROAD ISSUES web page at in January and we will invite public comment and discussion there as well. The new neighborhood association’s website is currently under construction.

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