Update on Phase 1 of Tree Removal


January 7, 2011

by John Kiljan

Wondering about all those big “X” marks on the trees in the park? The City of Arvada has recently updated its information page on the ongoing Garrison Street tree removal project. You can see that updated Arvada.org web page at


or read this extract here:

Update on Phase 1 of Tree Removal

In case you haven’t been by…(or maybe you have) the Phase 1 tree removal at Garrison St./North Jeffco Park is in full swing. Nearly all of the trees in the Van Bibber ditch along Garrison St. have been removed, along with some larger cottonwoods and elms in the northwest corner of the property. Most of the trees in the creek banks along Brooks Dr. near Garrison St. have been removed or are slated for removal. Ralston Creek will look dramatically different from Garrison St. to Estes St. However, most of the trees along the creek as it bends to the south and runs along the south edge of the park to Carr St. will remain. There are a few trees (6-7) on the north side of the creek (across from Dudley Ct.) that will be removed and about 15 more near Carr St. that will be removed, but they are being clearly marked with a large X. Not all of the trees set for removal are marked yet as it is a progressive process. From Estes St. to Carr St., no trees on the south side of the creek will be removed in Phase 1.

No memorial trees are being removed in Phase 1. It will be several months before the final grading plan and final tree plan are complete. Phase 2 of the tree plan is likely to involve an additional 250 trees that will either be moved or removed in compliance with the flood plain requirements.

The City will be making a preliminary application to the Corps of Engineers in March or April for the work in the area. Any grading plans for the property are subject to their strict requirements. It is important to remember that the park re-creation is secondary to the drainage and flood mitigation project on this property. Because the grade (ground level) of the area will be lowered up to 4 feet in some locations, many of the existing trees will not be viable. The City Landscape architects and consulting landscape architects, along with the City Engineers and consulting engineers will be working closely with the Corp of Engineers to ensure that we save every tree possible either by leaving it in place or by relocating it to a safe and acceptable location. We will abide by the City’s tree ordinance and the Corps tree requirements as well which include a plan for replacement trees that comply with the designated flood plan.

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One Response to Update on Phase 1 of Tree Removal

  1. John Kiljan says:

    The Denver Post and 9News have recently published at article on the tree-removal project. Here are their links



    You may have to cut-and-paste these links into your browser to get them to work.


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