Date: January 13, 2010

To: All Members and Friends of the CLRC

From: John Kiljan, CLRC Meeting Coordinator

Subject: Meeting Questionnaire

The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community (CLRC) neighborhood association is
planning to have its first meeting in early February and we’d like to have as many people
as possible attend. Our target date for the meeting is February 5th — give or take a few

Before we decide on a place and locations, we’d like to know what is a good day for
you, so we’ve attached a short questionnaire to this memo to find out. Please fill it
out and return it to me, John Kiljan, at

before the end of the day on Monday, January 17th. Or, if you feel more comfortable
just taking on the phone, give me a call at 303-423-9875.

Based upon the input we get back, I’ll announce a meeting time and place next week that
best suits the most participants.

Why are we meeting?

The first reason is to see how much interest there really is in forming a neighborhood
association for those living near Ralston Road from Wadsworth to Kipling. Participation,
input and feedback are the keys to the success of any organization like ours. There’s
no hard number, but if people don’t show up, it doesn’t make sense to try and keep the
association going.

But so far we seem to be doing pretty good. Over 20 people have signed up to be
automatically notified of CLRC news postings. In addition, we have more than 600
website ‘hits.’ About half of those are from individual computers, i.e., not repeats. For
a new internet-based association with a five-week history, that’s a pretty good start. But
the real test will be in how many show up when we first meet.

The second is to get to know each other and informally discuss our neighborhood
concerns. So far, the CLRC has been almost entirely internet-based, and limited
to publishing news articles and opinion pieces by a few participants. But there is
no substitute for actually meeting face to face. If we find this first meeting time is
productive, we could decide to meet again on a semi-regular basis in the future.

The third is a little more practical, but probably the most important. As a group, we
need to decide which issues are the most important to us. We should also lay out at
least preliminary strategies for dealing with them. To help with that selection, there is a
separate Community Issues file that we are sending along. That file, and the questions
attached to it will be the core agenda for the meeting in early February. Please have a
look at it. It’s not a final and we’re still looking for additions that anyone might want to
offer now or at the February meeting.


Name ______________________________

Email or regular mail address



We have a choice of meeting in the evening during the week or during (or shortly after)
lunch on Saturday. Which is your preference? Mark a ‘1’ for your first preference and
a ‘2’ for your second. Put an ‘X’ in the box if you’d like to come, but can’t meet at that



Thursday evening, February 3rd
Friday evening, February 4th
Saturday for self-pay lunch at a local restaurant
Saturday after lunch at a community meeting facility
Monday evening, February 7th
Tuesday evening, February 8th

If you selected an evening time, do you want to have a self-pay meal with that, or do you
want to just meet and talk.

[ ] Yes, let’s eat.
[ ] No, let’s just talk.
[ ] n/a

Sorry to bring up the issue of money, but the CLRC doesn’t charge dues. Depending
upon where and when we meet, a public meeting room can cost between $30 and $150
and we may have to ask for a small donation to cover that cost. Restaurants are free, but
the owners, quite reasonably, would like everyone to buy a meal for about $15 or so to
cover their costs.

That’s it and thanks!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

–John Kiljan

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