January 21, 2011

by John Kiljan

The City of Arvada has set a 6:30 pm start time for Monday’s City Council study session for the Garrison Street park redevelopment & bridge reconstruction, Ralston Road widening, Triangle development, and the new Carr Street park.

The combined study session is expected to last two hours and will be held in the large City Council Chambers. Advanced copies of two of the presentations (the Triangle and the Ralston Road widening) can be seen by going to the City’s website at


and clicking on the link marked

08.A. Ralston Complex – Garrison Street-North Jeffco-Hoskinson Park Project – Ralston Corridor Study Ralston Fields Update

Here’s a copy of the City’s AGENDA INFORMATION SHEET for the study session:

Information about the Project or Request: City Council has requested that the many projects planned and in process in the area from Olde Wadsworth Blvd to Kipling St. be considered in the context of that entire section of Ralston Rd. referred to as the Ralston Complex. A total of $5,000,000 in CIP funds was dedicated to the Ralston Complex to fund a portion of the improvements, including the design and construction of the Arvada K-8 park and the design and reconstruction of the park at Garrison St., known currently as the North Jeffco Park and Hoskinson Park as well as improvements on Garrison St. from Brooks Dr. to Ralston Rd.

Council also requested that design elements, themes, and materials be identified for the projects included in the Ralston Complex so that there are natural connections among the many projects areas. The identification of design elements will allow for individual identities for each project but ensure that decisions are made in the context of the whole area.

Tonight [Monday, January 24, 2010] the various project managers and team members will present updates on the projects included in the Ralston Complex: the Arvada K-8 park, the Garrison St. project including the bridge replacement and channel work, the redevelopment of the North Jeffco Park and Hoskinson Park, Ralston Corridor Study Plan, and the Outline Development Plan for the redevelopment of the Triangle Area.

Just a reminder for attendees: Study sessions are some of the City Council’s most productive activities. Normally, they have a simple and informal give-and-take format. During a study session, the City Staff typically makes a presentation and deals with questions from the Council during or after the presentation. General discussions among the participants can start up at any time.

These are internal work sessions and the public is not normally invited to participate or put questions to the Council or to the City Staff. However, the public is welcome to comment on what they’ve seen and heard during the public comment periods held afterward.

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