January 22, 2011

by John Kiljan

The City of Arvada’s tree removal program in the park next to Garrison Street has generated a large pile of woodchip mulch. The pile, which sits at the east end of the parking lot, has a FREE sign on it and is presumably available for personal use by city residents.

So far, there is no similar stack of lengths of firewood, but some cars have been seen loading up their trunks with odd-sized pieces after work hours. The cutting crews have been pretty friendly to passers by and if you are interested, you could just stop by and ask the foreman when and if firewood will be available.

If you find there is going to be firewood available, drop a reply note here on the website to let other CLRC members know. You can do that by filling in “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of this article and it will show up on the “Read comments” line on the homepage.

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  1. John Kiljan says:

    JUST A QUICK UPDATE: I’ve heard informally that the City and the contractor cannot offer firewood to the public for liability reasons. However, there are no plans to enforce that, and you’re probably okay with a little discrete after-hours firewood collecting from the waste piles. Bringing a chainsaw along or driving vehicle onto the park property is not a good idea.

    BTW, I’ve noticed a pile of trunk-sized straight pieces near the middle of the park. And, the free woodchip pile is still there. It’s on a paved lot and you can back a pickup truck right next to it.


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