City Committed to Community Gardening

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The city council will determine if it is best to use the current garden area for it’s highest and best use or continue to let it be used as a garden. We will update as more becomes available on this important issue.

The City of Arvada is committed to continuing the long tradition of making property available for a community garden or gardens.

It has been proposed that the current location of the Arvada Community Garden (property which is owned by the City of Arvada) be redeveloped as part of the Ralston Fields Urban Renewal Area. This new urban renewal district also includes the Arvada Plaza shopping center and extends to the new Target shopping center at W. 52nd Avenue and Kipling Street. The Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) has developed a plan to revitalize the entire area which would include developing housing at the current site of the Arvada Community Garden. This plan will be presented to the Arvada City Council, tentatively scheduled for June of 2011, as a public hearing. There will be plenty of opportunity for community input both before and during this hearing.

If the plan is approved by the City Council, there will be no set time frame for actual redevelopment to occur, as the project is dependent upon private sector interest and financing. In the meantime, the Arvada Parks Master Plan has identified a number of publicly-owned properties for additional community gardens, including sites nearby the existing garden. Regardless of whether the existing site of the Arvada Community Garden remains a garden or is redeveloped, additional community garden sites is a goal of the City Council. Ultimately, if the current site is redeveloped, the City and AURA will work in close partnership with the many Arvadans who have a long-term commitment and love of community gardening to ensure that this beloved tradition not only continues, but flourishes, in the City of Arvada.

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One Response to City Committed to Community Gardening

  1. John Kiljan says:

    This issue was discussed at length by the Arvada City Council during their January 24, 2011 study session. The video for that session is still available online at


    or by going to

    and selecting the January 24th meeting from the bottom of the list.

    Slide your media play marker over to the 1 hour 37 minute spot to hear a full discussion of the individual Council member’s positions on including the gardens in AURA’s ODP plans.

    –John Kiljan

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