AURA appoints Deputy Director Maureen Phair as new Executive Director

After a grueling hours long interview process that was open to the public Maureen Phair was appointed as the new Executive Director of AURA late Wednesday night April 6th.

As you may know AURA is responsible for the redevelopment of the triangle area at Ralston Road and Independence Street. It is great news that Maureen was appointed because she is already familiar with the area and it’s needs.

Congratulations Maureen!!! This is wonderful for Arvada.

I have detailed notes on the questions asked during the interview if anyone is interested.

One thing of note: Commissioner Nancy Kerr (the only board member not from Arvada) did not seem to take the interview process very seriously. She arrived almost 20 minutes late and then took a phone call about an hour in. It is a shame to see a board member take such an important decision so lightly.

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2 Responses to AURA appoints Deputy Director Maureen Phair as new Executive Director

  1. Trig says:

    Hello, thanks for the info. I would love the notes on the interview process, I’m interviewing for a similar position and would love the learnings.

    Thank you,

  2. John Kiljan says:

    I hope Maureen does well and gets the support she needs to bring development into the Triangle. It’s pretty important job and it’s hard to imagine anything that would help the neighborhood more than getting a developer to invest in the area. –John

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