Ed Tomlinson declares to run for the at-Large council race

Ed moved here in 1951 and was raised on the 5600 block of Brentwood and Carr. As a child he watched our homes be built and he’s sold many of them and owned one at 6105 Everett Court.

He’s fond of Ralston Creek and won a fishing contest along brooks drive before he could drive. And yes, he has seen the flood waters a couple of times.

He is also adding our name to a new campaign to help find community organization volunteers. Please become a friend on his face book site or simply email him at Ed@EdTomlinson.com

He filed the paperwork last Friday to run for city council, at large.

April 10th 2011 Biography for Ed C. Tomlinson

He was a member of Big Brother.

For five years in the early 70’s and now for five years he chairs the Arvada Harvest Festival Parade that is now the best “community parade” between La and Chicago.

He has served as a senior arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau.

He was the chair for the Clowns of America National convention in Denver. It included hospital visits and 700 clowns parading down 16th street, before it became a mall, to Zeckendorf Plaza with a steam driven calliope.

Serving on the North Jeffco (APEX) Park and Recreation District, the board acquired the Senior Recreation Center now called the Community Recreation Center and was instrumental in later acquiring the North Jeffco Racquetball Club at Ralston and Urban.

Tomlinson is a past director of the Jefferson County Housing Authority.

In the early 90’s he wanted to improve 72nd, Oberon Road, Wadsworth and 52nd with a 3’ bike lane. He didn’t have council support. Tomlinson gave a persuasive presentation that concluded with throwing a heavy, folded up, body bag onto the council chamber floor. To this day the echo was incredibly memorable for those in the room and the vote was unanimous.

Tomlinson, a Realtor since 1971, is a top broker with RE/MAX Alliance in Arvada, Colorado has helped about 10,000 families have a better life.

He has also helped hundreds of Arvada homeowners reduce their property taxes for free.

He supported children, teachers, principals and classrooms at three low income elementary schools. When TV stations took it over he cofounded his offices Children’s Community Fund that has, over the last 10 years given out over $75,000 to over 125 requests for the needs of the local children.

When the Jefferson County School Board decided to build a second high school stadium at 6th and Kipling, he was instrumental in reversing that decision to build it north of I-70. Others made the decision on its current location at 64th and Highway 93.

He use to leave pennies on the rocking horses in grocery stores until management copied him. He still puts coins in the vending machines coin return at nursing homes.

In 2004, he received Honorable Mention in the list of the 100 most influential people in Arvada over the last 100 years.

Tomlinson twice served as President of the Arvada Fire Protection District and as the first outsider on the board.

Tomlinson is a past executive committee director for the Jefferson County Association of Realtors and Metrolist Inc., the supplier of Multiple Listing Service (MLS) systems to metro Denver Realtors.

Tomlinson has been featured extensively by broadcast and print media on issues relating to the Colorado real estate market and property taxes. This includes Money Magazine, Time Magazine and the New York Times.

He has spoken before the Colorado Senate and House Interim Tax Committee to offer recommendations on improving Colorado’s property tax system. Tomlinson was the key initiator of a major Colorado property tax assessment bill passed in the early 90’s. The bill changed the valuation process to make it more equitable for property owners.

Tomlinson had two best selling books on Tattered Covers business books for six weeks each. OVERTAXED! Your Guide to Honest Property Tax Reductions by Understanding and Effectively Protesting Your Assessment Real Estate for Pennies! Investing in Property Tax Liens for Profit and Property.

The author is a member of the Jefferson County Association of Realtors, the Colorado Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. He was also a Certified Senior Appraiser with the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers.

Sent as a press release from Ed Tomlinson


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