Welcome to the Neighborhood: Manneken Frites

Manneken Frites is a Belgian style frites restaurant. We will be located at 5600 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, near Grandview Ave in Olde Town. Our opening is scheduled for late May.

Frites is the French word for “fry” and no one makes them better than the originators. We take whole russet potatoes slice them thick and fresh each morning, and then twice cook them in a special blend of oils. We blanch the thick cut fries in the morning to cook them, then they are cooked a second time after they are ordered, for a very short, time to crisp them up. This allows us to serve piping hot frites at their peak of yummy goodness.

The frites will be served in traditional paper cones along with an array of dipping sauces. Our dipping sauces are ketchup, mayonnaise, and peanut butter based (yes, we have a peanut satay sauce that is great with fries). Flavors run the gamut from Latino to Greek, from Thai to African and we will serve about 16-20 sauces on a rotating basis.

Along with all of this we will offer Belgian beers and soft drinks. We have selected several great styles of Belgian beer that customers can pair with their sauce selection.

Manneken Frites is not a chain. We are locally owned and operated. We believe in offering a fresh and tasty product and will never have freezers, microwaves, or heat lamps in our shop. We look forward to serving the local community and hope to showcase Olde Town to the rest of Denver. So far I have had an over whelming response to our concept and approach from the community of Arvada.,

Please visit our website, MannekenFrites.com, to learn more about how Belgium was the originator of the “French Fry”. We also have a Facebook page, Manneken Frites, where hungry Arvadans can like to get updates on our progress and learn more about Belgium.

Thank you,

Chris D. Stromberg
Manneken Frites

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