Opinion Article Posted About Why it is Prudent to Consider Moving the Community Garden

There was an opinion article posted today on yourhub.com on why the community garden should be relocated.

The article stated “The issue at stake is the redevelopment of the rotting core of Arvada. The triangle area has been designated an area of blight in our community and been ratified as an Urban Redevelopment Area by our city council. This is a process that provides incentives for developers to redevelop areas that without incentive a developer would not normally invest in. This process has been very successful in Arvada. For example, the area around Home Depot and also Olde Towne could be considered success stories.

It is time for those of us who do not want to see our property devalued to stand up to this special interest.”

It goes on to say “I beg the garden club to drop this specious argument and be a good community member. Allow the ODP to move forward and let us redevelop this vital piece of Arvada without further delay.

I would ask everyone concerned to call or write your city council member or mayor. Let them know that putting a development at risk that would help thousands in favor of a tiny group of people is not good for Arvada. Encourage the council to do the right thing. Move the community garden to an appropriate place and allow central Arvada to once again be the thriving core of our great city.”

This is an opinion article and does not reflect the views of RLRC. However, we posted articles supporting the position that the garden should stay so in fairness we should post both sides.

T.O. Owens

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