May 30, 2011

by John Kiljan

Written comments are due soon.

Need something to read? Arvada’s urban renewal authority (AURA) has updated its website to include two new documents in anticipation of a presentation to Arvada’s Planning Commission and the Arvada City Council next month. You can find the links to them at

The first document is the 81-page Arvada Triangle Final Design Guidelines . The guide tells potential developers how AURA would like to see the Triangle rebuilt. You can also download a copy by clicking on

Don’t be put off by the length. This reporter found it to be a very readable document and worth looking through. The artists’ sketches alone make interesting reading.

Wondering about the sections on the Arvada Community Gardens? You won’t find much, but to save readers the trouble of looking through the whole document, I’ll list what I’ve found here:

[OPEN SPACES AND PEDESTRIAN WAYS] “. . . Community gardens have gained in popularity over the past decade. They provide fresh produce and encourage neighborhood involvement while building a sense of community and connection to the environment. The Triangle Area contains a successful community garden. This garden should be maintained in its current location or relocated within or nearby the Triangle area in the adjacent neighborhood.” on page 21 (25 PDF)

[Allowable Surface Developmets] “. . . Figure 8: Van Bibber / Ralston Creeks and Community Garden” on page 23 (28 PDF).

[Open Space Guidelines] “. . . 7. Encourage Urban Agriculture that is open and accessible to the community.” on page 25 (29 PDF)

“Urban Agriculture / Community Gardens – areas of community gardens in association with urban agriculture. The gardens provide fresh produce and encourage neighborhood involvement while building a sense of community and connection to the environment. The existing community garden should be maintained in its current location or relocated within or nearby the Triangle area in the adjacent neighborhood.” on page 28 (32 PDF).

Looking for the parts on extending Garrison Street through to 57th Avenue along its current alignment and the impacts that will have on local traffic? Again, not much — and nothing that includes the possibility of not extending the street or moving it to a more westerly alignment.

[Public Framework Principals] “. . . The vehicular circulation system transitions community-wide arterial streets, including 58th Avenue, Kipling Parkway, and Independence Street to a grid circulation (including the extension of Garrison Street from 58th Avenue to 57th Avenue) . This grid of circulation and drives establishes the primary organizing framework for development at Triangle Area and is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

o Provide well distributed and convenient access points to adjoining arterial streets and neighborhoods.

o Establish a clear and understandable network that enhances way-finding.

o Establish a parcel network that can flexibly accommodate a variety of development scenarios.”

on page 6 (10 PDF).

[Neighborhood Buffers and Pedestrian Connections] “. . . 4. Village-scale roadways, streets and pedestrian ways should create a fine network allowing multiple connections to neighboring communities and a multiple of available routes for a given walking trip. Neighborhood connections should be constructed so that trips for shopping and social purposes can be made on secondary streets without having to travel onto busy collector streets.” on page 24 (28 PDF).

Wondering which parcels are actually up for rezoning? The second document might help. It’s called the Outline Development Plan for the Arvada Triangle Area . It’s only six pages and can also be downloaded at


When will the Arvada Planning Commission be taking written comments on the Outline Development Plan? Starting today. But if you want to have your comments included in the commission’s packets, you’ll have to act fast. Those packets normally go out about mid-week. Later materials will only be given to the members at the hearing. Come with at least eight copies.

Members of the public will be allowed to speak at the meeting whether or not they have written materials. Look for a signup sheet to speak when you enter the room.

It’s not yet known when approving the ODP will come before the full City Council, but that date is currently expected sometime in late June or in July.

The Planning Commission’s hearing is schedule for 7:00 PM Tuesday, June 7th, at the Third Floor Conference Room at Arvada’s City Hall. Enter through the lower doors and take the elevator up to the third floor.


To find out more on how to submit comments, call the 720-898-7435 number shown on the public hearing signs now scattered across the Triangle.

The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community will post more information online on its website at as it becomes available.

John Kiljan, CLRC News: 303-423-9875 or
All rights reserved

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  1. John Kiljan says:

    CORRECTION: The meeting location shown above is incorrect. The public hearing will be held at City Hall, but not in the 3rd Floor Conference Room. I’ve been told that it will instead be held in Council Chambers. Enter the building at the main entrance on the southeast corner of the building. –JK

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