May 30, 2011

by John Kiljan

There is an informative Associated Press article on the closing of city pools across the country. It’s titled “Swimming Pools Dry Up After Draining City Budgets” by Jeffrey Collins and is carried by the Denver Post.

During the first CLRC general meeting held February 8th, in online discussions and at public meetings, the neighborhood association’s members have consistently identified the need for recreational facilities along the central Ralston corridor and a replacement for the Fisher Pool.

Here is a short quote from the article:

“The pool closings and shuttering of other recreation opportunities leaves children with far fewer good choices to occupy their free time during the long summer months, Mitchell [Sacramento’s parks manager] said.”

“Pools ‘are just a safe place to be and be kids, to enjoy summer, to enjoy some times. These opportunities just aren’t going to be there for the youth and it is crushing,’ Mitchell said.”

Sorry, but the Denver Post’s terms of use don’t allow for longer quotes. To read the full article and reader feedback click on http://www.denverpost.com/business/ci_18170711


The pool and local recreational issues are likely to continue to be an issue as Apex’s recreational bonds come up for renewal in the next few years. The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community will post more information online on its website at http://www.ralstoncommunity.org/ as it becomes available.

John Kiljan, CLRC News: 303-423-9875 or jpkiljan@yahoo.com
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