June 28, 2011

by John Kiljan

Earlier this month, in a written to invitation to at least a dozen organizations and individuals, the City of Arvada announced that it was setting up a Ralston Complex Advisory Group (RCAG) to review a series of development and planning projects along the central Ralston Road corridor from Olde Town to Kipling Street. Those projects will include the Ralston Road corridor study, the Triangle urban renewal area, the Ralston Creek rechannelization and the reconstruction of the North Jeffco Community Park at Garrison Street and the new Arvada K-8 park. Collectively, these projects are known as the “Ralston Complex.”

The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community’s (CLRC’s) steering group has accepted the invitation to participate and has selected CLRC co-founder T.O. Owens to be our representative. At this point not much is known about how the RCAG will function or how it will organize itself, but T.O.’s primary responsibility seems to be to ‘liaise’ back to the member of the CLRC for their input on documents and concepts put forward to the group.

Meetings should be frequent and are expected to be open to the public. The first is to be held on July 7th from 6:30 to 8:00 PM at City Hall in the Anne Campbell room. A “Project Planning Worksheet” that explains the purpose of the group is attached to the bottom of this article.

The document reviews called for could be time consuming. CLRC members who want to help do that are encouraged to contact either T.O. or this writer to offer their support. T.O.’s telephone number is 303-927-8888. My contact information is at the bottom of this article. The advisory group reviews are expected to last for at least six months.

In short, we are asking our members who are willing to take the time needed for a thoughtful review of the information being distributed to roll up their sleeves and pitch in to help. We can do that via email or with informal gatherings, depending upon what is most effective.


The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community will post more information online on its website at as it becomes available.

And, here is a copy of the planning worksheet that went out with the invitation to the CLRC:

* * *

Project Planning Worksheet

Date: May 9, 2011

Completed by: December 31, 2011

Project Title: Ralston Complex Advisory Group

Project Description: Representatives from parties of interest along the Ralston corridor will convene and become informed about the multiple projects planned for or currently taking place in the Ralston Complex (Ralston Corridor, Arvada K-8 park, Garrison St. and Bridge construction, Garrison St./central Park, Triangle redevelopment area) in order to communicate with the City and their respective groups about the projects, help identify potential problems and issues, and build trust between community members and the City.

Who is the project owner?

City Manager and Councilmember Cook

Project requirements:

· Identify and invite representatives for various parties of interest to participate

· Establish dates, times, and locations for a series of meetings

· Clearly identify in the group the desire and intent for the work of the group

· Facilitate the group process, help them determine a work structure/process suitable to them

· Support the group through access to information, documentation of their process,

1. Amount of time it will take to accomplish?

December 31, 2011 initially — group may decide to continue or not based on their needs

2. Scope of work?

In Scope


· Provide timely information about all projects in the Ralston Complex

· Provide contact information for key staff members working on projects in the complex

· Attend meetings of this group and the groups they represent to provide information

· Facilitate communication between citizen group and City Council members


· Attend meetings and become informed about projects in the Ralston Complex

· Review plans for all projects in the Ralston Complex

· Offer suggestions/recommendations on projects

· Serve as liaison to group they represent

· Provide ”heads-up” information to staff and Council on issues that may be controversial or need attention

Out of Scope:

· Design of any project

· Expenditure of City funds

· Engage in re-visiting/reversing decisions made by other public processes

3. Estimated Cost (materials, #hours)? No estimate of materials other than copies. Estimated staff time-including overtime: 7 hours per week

4. Progress evaluation plan

· The group will establish some SMART goals when they begin their work Specific/Measurable/Attainable/Reasonable/Timely

· The group will assess their progress toward the goals in December to determine what actions to take in 2012

Who are the primary stakeholders in this project?

City Council members, various community members, business owners, (representative from transportation committee, Parks Advisory Board, AURA board, Apex board, business owners from west end of Ralston Rd., Mid-Ralston Rd and east end of Ralston Rd., CLRC group, Memorial Park group, Yarrow St. group, Independence group, Arvada K-8, Presbyterian Church Pastor,)

How will project participant communicate?

Contact information will be gathered from group members; group members will determine what method of communication works for them.

Emails/web sites/phone calls/meetings

What are the project risks?

Several projects may be underway before the group convenes

Group members may lack interest in long term commitment given the timeline for some of the projects

People who are disenfranchised may not be associated with a group represented

* * *

John Kiljan, CLRC News: 303-423-9875 or

All rights reserved

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