CLRC News — Ralston Road plan released

July 22, 2011
by John Kiljan
The final draft of the long-awaited Ralston Road Corridor Plan has been released and will be considered at an Arvada City Council study session scheduled for 5:30 PM this Monday, July 25th, in Council Chambers at City Hall.
It is not known what action the council is expected to take at the session or whether it will be soliciting further public input before authorizing the next phase of the plan.  The meeting is open to the public and a public comment period is scheduled.
The complete draft final report is now available to the public at
Or, go to, then click on Government, then click on City Council Meeting Packets, then click on 01. Current City Council Meeting Packet, then click on 06.B Ralston Road Corridor Plan Study Session. 
Be prepared for some serious reading over the weekend.  The PDF file that contains the report has 209 pages.  The file does not include public comments.
CLRC members who have been asking for safer sidewalks along the central part of Ralston Road may not find much comfort in the implementation schedule.  Assuming funding is available, the plan does not call for construction along the “connecting corridor” that runs through the central residential areas until 2018.  See page ES-10 (PDF 15 of 209) for the proposed construction schedule.
A lengthy CLRC News article summarizing the June 6th Ralston Road Corridor Plan meeting and the controversies that may go with it can be found by clicking on
The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community will post more information online on its website at as it becomes available.
And here is a copy of the study session announcement in the City Council packet for Monday’s meeting:
* * *
Agenda No. 6.B. City Council Meeting Date: July 25, 2011
Title: Ralston Road Corridor Plan
Action Proposed: Study Session
Information about the Project or Request:  This Study Session is a follow-up to the June 6, 2011 Study Session on this project. City Council has been provided the complete Ralston Road Corridor Plan (draft) with Appendices.
The Ralston Road Corridor Plan (RRCP) began in late 2009. The purpose of the RRCP is to create a planning level vision for Ralston Road between Wadsworth Bypass and Kipling Parkway. For simplicity of discussion and presentation, the segment of road between Independence and Kipling is being referred to as Ralston Road rather than W. 58th Avenue.
The project was originally scheduled to be completed towards the end of 2010 but was intentionally delayed while city staff coordinated efforts on the Garrison St. drainage project and corresponding redesign of the adjacent park, as well as the grant-funded redesign of the intersection of Ralston Rd and Garrison St.
The RRCP was guided by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), Citizen’s Advisory Committee, as well as involvement of the Arvada Transportation Committee. The TAC consisted of staff members from nearly all divisions in the City as well as CMO and RTD. This group developed the Vision for the project:
“To provide an integrated land use and transportation plan for the Ralston Corridor Study Area that will enhance neighborhood connectivity, improve safety, encourage redevelopment and economic development, and provide a pleasant journey along a complete street through the heart of historic Arvada.”
This study session will summarize the work completed during the course of the project, including public involvement, and will present the development and evaluation of the concepts considered in this land use and transportation study. The streetcar feasibility study will also be presented. Factors considered in the evaluation include construction cost, right-of-way acquisition, pedestrian environment, traffic flow and functionality, access management, and diversion of traffic to parallel streets.
Staff will be requesting adoption of the plan by City Council in the near future.
* * *
 John Kiljan, CLRC News: 303-423-9875 or

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