City Election Candidates Announced

Below you will fin the list of candidates for city office. We will be conducting interviews with the candidates and posting them on this blog.



Marc Williams

6989 Poppy Ct.

Arvada, CO 80007


David Chandler

7930 Kendall Street

Arvada, CO 80003


Dan Bidstrup

6765 Garland Court

Arvada, CO 80004




Bob Fifer

11762 W. 56th Circle

Arvada, CO 80002


Ed Tomlinson

13618 W. 62nd Drive

Arvada, CO 80004



Mark McGoff

7855 Allison Ct.

Arvada, CO 80005


Cody McNutt

6130 Benton Street

Arvada, CO 80003



District 4:

Bob Dyer

7433 Queen Circle

Arvada, CO 80005



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6 Responses to City Election Candidates Announced

  1. William L. Russell says:

    I will very interested to read these interviews with Mr. Chandler and Mr. Bidstrup. I am greatly concerned about the following issues:
    1. Roadway improvements throughout the city.
    2. Unnecessary spending of funds on on grand projects rather than simple ones, ie. the Grandview Bridge. We needed a bridge and we get a “work of art”.
    3. More mayoral control over our over zealous police department. Citizens are losing respect for our department.
    4. Increased neighborhood safety. We want to see the police on our residential streets and less on major streets. We need speed control on the streets our children play on, not speed traps on Wadsworth.

    I asked these questions to Mr. Williams weeks ago with no response.

    Thank you.

    • Marc Williams says:

      Mr. Russell- I responded in full to your email inquiries on these issues on August 2, and you acknowledged receipt of my responses on August 5. I will gladly share those responses if need be.

      Marc Williams

  2. T.O. Owens says:

    Mr Williams email me with the exchange he mentioned above and ask me to post it.


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: William Russell
    Date: Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 9:36 AM
    Subject: Re: Marc Williams for Mayor – My Response
    To: Marc Williams

    Mr. Williams:

    Thanks for getting back to me. I greatly appreciate your comments. I would like to comment on your responses:

    1. I (now) support the completion of the W470 extension whereas the grassroots group I belong to did not support the extension when it was proposed sometime ago. The first proposal, if you remember, put the burden of the extension on the citizens of Jefferson County giving a free ride to everyone else. I also would like to see more funding put into Arvada’s streets. Ralston Road is the show point for Arvada and it leaves alot to be desired. I do not know when you last had a chance to go down Lamar St. from Ralston Road to 72nd, but it is more like a cow path.

    2. Times are hard and when citizens see funds being spent on what they consider unnecessary projects it raises alot of questions. One example would be the underpass for Wadsworth under Grandview. A simple concrete and steel bridge would had sufficed, but we get an expensive “work of art”.

    3. I agree with you most of our police officers are excellent. I have met and spoken with some and even taken my daughter to a personal interview with a ranking police supervisor. I come from a police background. My father was a 20 year officer as was my grandfather, so when I state I have little respect for our police department, not individual officers, the statement is not uneducated or off the cuff.

    4. My concern on neighborhood safety is the lack of police presence in our neighborhoods. It has been observed that if you remain in your front yard for 12 hours you will not see one police vehicle during that time. If you go to a nonresidential area, you will be tripping over police vehicles in their usual ‘speed trap’ positions. Do not get me wrong. Speed control is very important, but residential areas with children outside is more important than a one mile four lane strip of concrete.

    These are just the concerns and observations of a group of citizens, made up of Federal workers and military veterans, and we wish to have you, as a candidate for Mayor, aware.

    Again I thank you for your time and attention.


    From: Marc Williams
    Sent: Tuesday, August 2, 2011 10:27 PM
    Subject: Marc Williams for Mayor – My Response

    Good morning, Mr. Russell-

    Thank you for your email inquiry about my candidacy for Mayor of Arvada. With Bob Frie deciding not to run, we will indeed have a new face as mayor. Like you, I have been involved in Arvada for over 30 years and want to help continue to build a great community. In response to your specific questions, I would indicate the following:

    1. Road way improvements- I fully support the Jefferson Parkway project as an important part of completing the beltway, as it will reduce drive through traffic on Arvada’s main streets. I also support moving more of our annual budget into maintaining our existing roadways.

    2. Spending during hard economic times- During the twelve years I have been on Council, we have budgeted conservatively so that we have maintained annual surpluses. I have proposed that part of this year’s surplus should be credited back to the taxpayers, perhaps through not having an increase in water and sewer rates. My first budgeting objective is to maintain the assets we have in good condition.

    3. Police Department issues- Although Arvada’s Police Department issues have not been as significant as other metro area communities, I have been disappointed by the problems which came to light last year. We have changed the method of supervising our officers, particularly on the night shift. Overall, I am very proud of our police officers, and feel that we made significant strides in regaining community trust through the open nature of our investigation of some isolated, non representative occurances.

    4. Neighborhood safety- Arvada traditionally has been a very safe city. Please let me know if there are concerns in your neighborhood that need to be addressed. When we see upspikes of crime in a specific part of town, our police department increases attention to those areas, with excellent results. Our traffic division also is helpful in addressing neighborhood speeding.

    I hope I have been responsive to your questions. Please check my website, for updated information. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your mayor, and ask for your support and vote by November 1. Ballots will be mailed out the week of October 10th.

    Richard M. (Marc) Williams
    Helm, Less, Smith & Williams
    7910 Ralston Road
    Arvada, CO 80002
    303-424-4993 fax

  3. Just to update. My web site is: and my email is:

    I also responded to Mr. Russell’s inquiries and I hope that he will post them here also.

    Thank you and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    Dave Chandler

  4. Dan Bidstrup says:

    This is Dan Bidstrup. I would like to have the opportunity to answer Mr. Russell’s questions as well.

    1. Roadway improvements throughout the city.
    It is a political truth that tightening the bolts on an existing bridge and repainting it doesn’t win new friends. Getting a new road or bridge built does. It is showy, and usually represents new spending. The problem is that maintainence of our existing assets is a fact of life. I support a regimen of inspections, and a feedback mechanism like a “Pothole Hotline” for Arvadans to point out areas of concern in our city’s infrastructure. The budget must reflect this reality.

    2. Unnecessary spending of funds on on grand projects rather than simple ones, ie. the Grandview Bridge. We needed a bridge and we get a “work of art”.
    Years ago I saw a model of a homeless shelter that was to be built at a fundraiser and someone asked the architect why it was so pretty. He said “Because it is for the poor, should it be ugly?” His point was, that when you are creating something from a blank piece of paper, often the touches that add beauty are a very small percentage of the overall cost. Studies have also shown that well maintained and beautiful surroundings reduce crime. Remember that the bridge in question will be there for 50 to 75 years and we will be looking at it.

    3. More mayoral control over our over zealous police department. Citizens are losing respect for our department.
    We have just hired a new city manager and will soon have a new mayor. Fresh eyes often see what has receded into the background. I think every department of the city will be looked at, including the police. Excesses in regulatory interpretation will certainly be looked at.

    4. Increased neighborhood safety. We want to see the police on our residential streets and less on major streets. We need speed control on the streets our children play on, not speed traps on Wadsworth.
    Looking at public safety, our police use tools like to chart crime and look for trends and areas of concern. With constrained budgets, I think this is a good way to use our public safety dollars wisely. On a personal note, last year my mailbox got whacked to pieces one night, and while I had no hope of finding the perpetrators, I called in a police report. Six months later I got a letter from the police asking for the cost of the replacement, because they had found the guilty parties. Finding ways to strengthen neighborhood cohesion will certainly assist the police with neighborhood safety.

    I love Arvada! I think it has been administered pretty well so far, and I would hope to bring to the office of Mayor a business viewpoint and a healthy respect for the free market. We need more citizens to care enough to put themselves forward to serve on councils, boards and committees. I will seek to engage citizens who have previously been uninvolved with our municipal government through increased opportunity and transparency.

  5. Yesterday I received this message from Mr. Russell:

    Mr. Chandler,

    Feel free to post your comments to me as you see fit. I am having a problem getting them to post on the web site.


    August 25, 2011

    Mr. Russell:

    Thank you for contacting me … and I’d be happy to offer my viewpoints.

    1) Well, I have been skeptical about the beltway for a long time … and I am just plain against the tollway plan that the city of Arvada, Jefferson and Broomfield counties, and the Candelas developer is now proposing. First of all because the tollway is not a completion of a beltway — it is a ten mile strip of concrete and asphalt that does not hook-up at either end with any other part of the existing metro beltway. You can see my ideas to improve transportation in the northwest quadrant of Jeffco at:

    I would very much like to associate with your remarks about putting more money into fixing Arvada’s streets. Since I have been out and about Arvada more recently, I am seeing way too many streets that are in very poor repair. In fact I am coming to the conclusion (although I haven’t completely made up my mind) that some of the so-called $8 million budget surplus the city has should go into street repair.

    2) Well, the Wadsworth-Grandview underpass is done and it does look nice, but one does have to wonder if federal funds had not been involved if it might have been done more plainly. I am glad when public projects can be built with good aesthetics — however, in these times of recession (and I know too many folks who are very economically stressed right now), the government better cut out as much of the frills as possible.

    3) My position as mayor towards institutions like the police department is that great vigilance is required from the city council and city manager over the policies, the direction and fiscal condition of the department — without attempting to micro-manage the day-to-day affairs. We have pretty good police officers in this town, and I’m grateful for that.

    4) The other way to look at it is that I’m always happy that there isn’t any need for me to see a patrol car in my neighborhood very often. As for speed traps and such … we could have a lengthy discussion about that … and cameras at stop lights and all the ethical/Constitutional questions that arise from this recent technological “improvement.”

    My campaign web site is now up and running — take a look and if you have any other questions or concerns, just let me know.

    Dave Chandler

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