Notes from Aug 11 Ralston Advisory Group Meeting

In attendance: Shelley Cook, Eddie Lyons, T.O. Owens, Kelly Robinson, John Sullivan,
Carol Whipple, Mike Miles, Cheryl Humann, Linda Davis, Lee Humrich, Regina Reis,
Russ Drabek, Ken Piel, Vicky Reier, Mike Lee-Parks and Urban Design Manager
1. Questions and/or follow up from group members-none

2. Ralston Complex Group webpage-Vicky showed the web page set up for the
Ralston Complex Citizen Group
3. Presentations
a. Arvada K-8 Park
Mike Lee explained the process of 3 public meetings, meetings with R1
School District staff, and meetings with students at Arvada K-8 in the
development of the design for the new park. The park design was presented
and is 75% complete. The park will be constructed using dirt removed from
the Garrison St./Ralston Central Park resulting in cost savings for both parks.
The park plan includes tennis courts, softball field, open green field space,
playgrounds different than the school playground, a trail-circular track, and
trail connection. The property is owned by the school district; the City will
develop the park and maintain it similar to the joint use agreements that
exist for other parks and schools in Arvada. The final Inter Governmental
Agreement (IGA) has not been signed.
Cheryl Humann explained that the circular track and football field were built
when the school was constructed as a high school-the change in use at the
building and the current requirements mean that those items are no longer
needed for the school. The tennis courts, softball field, and trail will meet the
school needs.
Questions were presented regarding a fence along Ralston Rd.- Mike
responded that fencing is not included in parks along equally busy arterials;
the tennis courts and other features are 60 feet from the roadway; the
park is surrounded by berms and trees on the perimeter. The berms are
staggered to allow PD to see into the park from the roadway and create a
practical barrier from traffic on all sides. Vicky will talk with PD and request
crash stats for the intersection of 58th and Carr St.
In response to questions about bathrooms and drinking fountains, Mike
explained that we do not include those in any neighborhood parks because
people are close enough to access their homes; bathroom/water facilities are
extremely high cost and not funded for this project.
Funding for the project comes from the City’s dedicated Capital Improvement
Funds for Parks, Jefferson County, R1, and Apex.
The dirt bike track has some interest from adults. Mike is meeting with the
interested parties to develop and reasonable plan to replace the track near its
old location in the Lutz complex.

b. Apex program relocation
Mike Miles reported that the construction of the indoor turf complex, Apex
Field House, is moving quickly ahead. Heavy summer rains caused some
delays. They anticipate opening the first field in Dec. 2011. The current
programs are regional and draw people from all over the metro area and
beyond. The second field will allow for higher level competitive play and
larger tournaments. It is expected to open early in 2012. Sports include
indoor soccer, lacrosse, and indoor football.
Mike reported that the programs for dance, cheer, ceramics, and gymnastics
will be moved to the Simms St. Center located at 82nd and Simms St.
Construction is underway at that site and they anticipate moving from the
Garrison St. facilities by Oct. 23, 2011. All programs will experience an
upgrade in facilities, especially the gymnastics programs. As with the indoor
turf programs, only 30% of the program participants come from the local
area; 70% of the participants come from the entire Denver Metro area.

4. Next month-Garrison St. project-bridge, channel, and park plans- Sept. 8th.

5. Questions/comments from others in attendance
Questions related to the fence, placement of the tennis courts, port-a-pottys
at K-8 Park, (responded to above) and road width for the Ralston Corridor- the
corridor plan has not been adopted by council and it appears the roadway at this
location will not change much from its current place. Staff is working closely to
make sure we do not build something that will be torn out in the future years.
Maintenance costs for the park have not been determined yet. The trail
connection in Hoskinson Park will be redone during construction in that area; the
bike/pedestrian trail from the Ralston Creek Trail, south on Carr St. and through
the park will be adequate for both uses.

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