September 14, 2011

by John Kiljan


After a short discussion on Monday night, the Arvada City Council moved to delay the approval of the Ralston Road Corridor Plan until at least next month.  The $15 million comprehensive plan calls for the design and reconstruction of the 1.5-mile central Ralston corridor over a seven-year period — if funding can be found.  The plan was to have been approved at a Council meeting scheduled for September 19th.  However, the members said more discussion was needed and removed the adoption item from their planned agenda.


Citing citizen input, Councilor Williams asked for a public hearing to allow for further discussion and said the plan wasn’t yet ready for adoption.  Councilor Cook referred to comment cards that had been sent out and said she also wanted to schedule a public hearing.  However, she wanted to see a compilation of public comments before the hearing was held.


Councilor Dyer proposed an hour-long meeting format with the elements of both an informal study session and a public hearing to be held in Council Chambers.  He said that questions could be asked, people could speak at the microphone and show photos if they wanted, and then the Staff could work on that information and come back to the Council.  Mayor Frie said that the proposed session sounded similar to a town meeting and that it should be published in advance.  A tentative date of October 10th was set for the proposed meeting.



The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community will post more information online on its website at as it becomes available.


The CLRC has published several articles about the corridor’s plan and the need for safety improvements along it since the neighborhood association was created nine months ago.  Here are the links:



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