A Note From Council Woman For District 3 Shelley Cook

Dear Ralston Road property and business owners and others interested –

I am taking advantage of the distribution list that Dr. Russ Drabek assembled (and adding to it) to provide a quick update on the timeline and progress of the Ralston Corridor study.  First, thanks to Russ for his clearly effective leadership as property owner and member of the Ralston Complex Advisory Group.

As you know, after the public forum/study session in October – given the concerns of property and business owners as well as the council as a whole – staff members were asked to come up with a modified plan for the corridor.

That plan is tentatively expected to be presented to city council for review on January 23.  Given approval, we expect the next step would be for staff and a consultant (yet to be hired) to begin meeting with property owners one-on-one, with some property-specific information, in order to garner input and comments about the application of a modified template.

Per Council’s direction, this planning and any subsequent work would be undertaken with very considerable deference to concerns you and others have expressed such as the impact to business operations, historic properties, etc.

Attached please find an FAQ sheet with other information, prepared by Assistant City Manager Vicky Reier.  Vicky is overall project manager for the Ralston Complex of projects, including the Corridor Plan.

Going forward, I hope to occasionally provide other updates through this distribution list, including a confirmation of the date and time of the corridor plan presentation.  If you would prefer to be removed from the list, please just reply to indicate so.  Regardless, as always, feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns about this or any other matter.

Thank you, and warm wishes to you and your family for the holidays.


City council, District 3




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