CLRC News: The City Tackles the Ralston Road Plan Again on Monday


Three months ago, the Arvada City Council held a lengthy Town Meeting to hear from citizens on a proposed plan for building safe sidewalks on the central part of Ralston Road and widening its narrow lanes. Twenty citizens spoke to the Council at that standing-room-only meeting. Almost all the speakers were in opposition to key elements of the proposed plan. The meeting ended with a request to the City Manager to come back to the Council with a list of design options and a recommendation for starting an engineering study of the corridor.

That City Staff response to the Council will take place at a Monday afternoon workshop to be held at 5:30 pm on January 23rd. The workshop is open to the public, but seating will be limited in its new Anne Campbell room venue. The Council will not be soliciting further public input at this workshop, nor will it be televised by its KATV-8’s media services. The Ralston Road study area runs from Wadsworth to Kipling. It has been the subject of many citizen requests for safety upgrades, including a 2009 priority recommendation for sidewalk upgrades from a citizens’ review panel of the City’s proposed capital improvement projects.

At the end of the October 10th Town Meeting on the corridor, then-Mayor Bob Frie concluded the meeting with this statement:

“We’re asking the City Manager to take the comments tonight — for example the bike lane issues, parallel parking, should we have it or not have it — and we should go down the list and just make a decision on these items, because the uncertainty of no plan is really upsetting people.”

“You can’t make a plan about remodeling or reselling or who’s going to buy with the uncertainty. So I think we all have uttered our concerns and if you would put those on the list and we’ll make a decision and then we’ll be communicating to the people who live there especially, or have their businesses there, and maybe we can get more input, but we certainly got a lot of input tonight. We’ve been here for about 2-1/2 hours listening to you.”

And very recently, Arvada City Council Member for District 3, Shelley Cook, forwarded this message onto residents and businesses along the central Ralston Road corridor:

“Hi, All – a quick note to confirm that there will be a study session update on Monday for the Ralston Road Corridor plan, as tentatively indicated in the prior email. It is at 5:30 p.m. Monday, January 23. The location is different: the Anne Campbell Room, located right by the Police Department entrance. The update will be in [a] study session, with staff presenting a modified plan based on public input and city council direction on October 10.”

“This meeting is a sort of roll-up-the-sleeves session for the council, meant to help us gain a good understanding of the changes and current concept. There is no provision in this agenda item for public input such as we had at the meeting in October. As always with regular meetings and study sessions, however, there is a general public comment period at both the outset and end of the meeting. ”

“Recall that this is an interim step; if council approves doing so after this review, the next step would be for the staff to retain a consultant and begin talking with individual property owners and other interests along the corridor, garnering comments and further feedback.”

Despite the two years that have elapsed since the corridor study first began, City Staff has said that it will take at least an additional three years — and probably much longer — before any sidewalk construction or reconstruction begins on the central Ralston Road corridor.


To see a video of the entire 2-1/2 hour Ralston Road Town Meeting held on October 10th and hear all the comments on the plan made by the public and the City Council, go to this link

and then click on City Council Meeting 10/10/11

To see a summary of the October 10th meeting in a CLRC News article, click on this link from our CLRC News archives

Although the City Council firmly turned down the original corridor redevelopment plan, it is still worth reading since it will be the basis for further development along the corridor. There are two documents: the main report, which includes an executive summary, and the appendix, which contains much of the study’s citizen survey results. To read the main report for the corridor, click on this link

and for the appendix click on

And to see the actual single-page Council packet agenda sheet for Monday’s meeting, click on this link: Ralston Road Corridor Plan, Study Session.pdf

And, as always, the Citizen’s for a Livable Ralston Community will post further information on its website at as it becomes available.


John Kiljan, CLRC News: 303-423-9875 or All rights reserved

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