CLRC Notes: Ralston Road Update, Interview with Fifer and a Santiago’s Update

January 27, 2012 by John Kiljan


Dear CLRC members and friends,


Curious about the Council’s workshop held last Monday?   We will try to do a write up on the Ralston Road study session, but it will be a few days yet.  City Staff has kindly provided our neighborhood association with copies of the graphics the Council members worked with during their workshop.  We plan to post those on our website at soon.  T.O. is still trying to work those graphics into our updated website format.


Also the City seems to be redoing its own web page for the Ralston Road corridor plans which should show the same graphics and may have some additional explanatory information.   See the links at the end of these notes.  My own scribbled notes of the hour-and-a-half long meeting amounts to nine pages of quotes by Council members and City Staff.  So it will take a little time to get all of that down to a more readable format we can put on our website.


In a nutshell:  the new corridor proposals are very property-owner oriented and the City will soon be moving ahead with an engineering study.  Unfortunately, even the most basic sidewalk improvements are still many years off under the two sample proposals offered to the Council.  City Manager, Mark Deven, emphasized that the new proposals are still very preliminary and are likely to change as the City conducts interviews with businesses and residents along the corridor.


On another topic, a nice video of an interview with our new at-large council member, Bob Fifer, has recently popped up on YouTube.  It’s only six minutes long and it is Councilor Fifer’s first on-camera interview since being elected in November.  It’s definitely worth watching.  If you haven’t already picked up the link on Facebook, try clicking on this


And finally, our recent posting on Santiago’s return to the Triangle has attracted some interest.  As you may recall, it talked about a new franchise owner moving in next to the Ace Hardware store.  The Denver Post’s may soon do an article on the new Santiago’s owners.


If you don’t mind driving a bit, you won’t have to wait till next month to experience the menu offered at the old Santiago’s next to the park.  Deputy City Manager, Bill Ray, tells us that owners of the now-closed Santiago’s at Garrison Street and Brooks Drive have set up a new business at the strip mall at the northeast corner of 64th and Wadsworth Bypass.  It’s called “The Burrito Shack” and is not associated with Santiago’s.  It’s a little hard to find since it doesn’t have an outside sign — look for a storefront next to Subways.


I stopped by there earlier this week to order my favorite and saw some of the former staff working there.  I noticed their menu was very similar to the one they had used at the old location and my burrito was pretty good.  Unfortunately, their hours are limited — Tuesday through Saturday, 6 am till 2 pm.  And there’s no seating either indoors or outdoors.  The address is 6408 Wadsworth Bypass and their phone number is 303-425-3055.



The City’s high-detail graphics of the two new Ralston Road development options can be seen at this link:


and there is a short note explaining them at


with yet another link to the graphics.  The regular site for the Ralston Road Corridor Plan at


along with its supporting files and public-feedback material, has been removed from


The write up for Councilor Fifer’s CLRC interview during the election campaign can been seen by clicking on this link



The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community will post more notes online on its website at as information becomes available.


 John Kiljan, CLRC Notes: 303-423-9875 or

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