CLRC Notes: Tim Allport Runs for House District 27

by John Kiljan 

It’s that time again.  Candidates for the November elections have been showing up at public meetings and are out canvassing neighborhoods looking for your vote. 

Our neighborhood association, Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community, does not endorse candidates for public office, but we sometimes interview candidates on issues of local interest and forward on press releases.  Here’s a press release from one candidate, Tim Allport.  I bumped into him recently while he was walking the Ralston Road neighborhoods in the evening.

* * *

Tim Allport is ‘15.3% of way to election’

Colorado House District 27 candidate has visited more than 2,300 homes, has 12,700 to go

ARVADA, Colo. (June 27, 2012) – With a goal of knocking on 15,000 doors during his campaign, Colorado House District 27 Candidate Tim Allport recently braved the record-setting heat to pass the 2,000-milestone and position himself for a victory in November.

As of today, the official door-count was at 2,306, with 12,694 families left to visit. There are actually closer to 40,000 households in Allport’s district, but he acknowledges the implausibility of a working man making time to ring that many doorbells over such a diverse geographic area in just four months. The district comprises most of Arvada and Cold Creek.

“We have many tasks ahead of us in this campaign, most of which are designed to help as many people as possible become acquainted with my messages and my plans to help Colorado when I enter office,” Allport said. “But looking strictly at the door-walking component of the campaign, I calculate that I am 15 percent of the way to election.”

In his face-to-face meetings with voters at those doors, he has emphasized the diversity of his experience, and the emphasis that he plans to place on growing jobs, nurturing the economy and attending to the educational needs of Colorado’s children.

Allport, whose career includes positions in criminal justice, addictions counseling and mental health, believes the state legislature should give top priority to an economic environment that promotes expansion of good-paying jobs and an educational structure that paves the way for our children’s success. As State Representative, he wants to create a healthier balance between government and private sector activities designed to improve quality of life in Colorado.

Allport, a Democrat, has been highly active in the community on multiple levels, with a focus on political and labor issues.

Newly printed campaign literature quotes Tim as saying, “We must work together to reinvigorate the economy, encourage the growth of good jobs, and provide the education that our children deserve. As your State Representative, I will work tirelessly to lay the groundwork that allows us to achieve those goals.”

About Tim Allport

Tim Allport moved to Jefferson County in 1985 to accept a job with the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the Federal Correctional Institution in Littleton. Beginning his career as a Correctional Officer, he was later promoted to Drug Treatment Specialist. In 2010, after serving for 25 years, he left the prison system to begin working as a State Certified Addictions Counselor. Along the way, he has been heavily involved in various community, labor, and political organizations, sitting on government, private and non-profit boards. He has served as president of his large homeowners association and as chairman of the Labor Initiative of the Colorado Democratic Party. Allport lives in Arvada with his wife Jennifer, an Arvada native who has worked in health care for the last 22 years. Their daughter, Alyana, is currently attending preschool in Arvada. For more information go to or call 303-435-8568.

* * * 


Mr Allport’s media contact is Steve Caulk, who can be reached at 303-410-4971 or at has a March campaign announcement that you can read at

The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community sometimes posts campaign information online on its website at when it becomes available.  You can also friend us on Facebook.  Our name is “Ralston Arvada”

 John Kiljan, CLRC Notes: 303-423-9875 or

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2 Responses to CLRC Notes: Tim Allport Runs for House District 27

  1. Kristine Hanson Farley says:

    I have known Jennifer Allport (Tim’s wife) all my life … they are good people! I appreciate hearing about Tim’s quest on this page.

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