CLRC Notes: Neighborhood Updates, Part 5 — Bridge Removal, Fireworks Canceled, Apex Vision 2020 Recommendations, Olde Town Support & a Meeting Reminder

by John Kiljan

Dear CLRC members and friends, 

Just a few more short updates as we move into the 4th of July celebrations and the long weekend ahead:


If you regularly drive Brooks Drive you will have seen the intersection closing notice on the variable message signs.  City engineers say that the intersection of Brooks and Garrison should only be closed for one day on Monday, July 9thSome of that time will be used to replace water lines and the rest to demolish the Garrison Street bridge.  That small bridge (actually what engineers call a box culvert) will be replaced by a 100-foot wide structure later in the year.  Why is that important?  Read on. 


It’s a long way between Carr Street and Holland Street.  Up till now pedestrians and cyclists have been able to cut through the park construction site using the bridge at Garrison Street.  Despite the posted NO PEDESTRIANS signs it is not uncommon to see whole families walking back from the strip malls using the route across the old bridge.  After Monday, the bridge will be gone and the only place pedestrians and cyclists will be able to cross Ralston Creek will be at either the footbridge next to Safeway or at Carr Street. 

Well, maybe not for determined 12-year olds whose friends have just dared them to try to cross the creek without getting their feet wet.  This is a really good time to remind your kids to stay out of the construction site.  Tell them to be safe and to go around to the Safeway rather than trying to wade across the creek somewhere farther east.


I’ve lived in this neighborhood for a long time.  I can’t remember the days leading up to the 4th of July being this quiet before.  I haven’t heard a single ‘pop’ for three evenings straight.  This year people seem to be taking Arvada’s perpetual take-no-prisoners fireworks ban pretty seriously. 

After watching two weeks of awful Colorado news reports, I’m glad to see that.  Unfortunately, it also means that the iconic fireworks display at the Lutz/Stenger fields has been canceled as well.  Maybe next year this drought will be over and we can all loosen up a bit again.  I recently found handful of some very old Black Cats when cleaning out one of the kids’ rooms.  They brought back some nice memories when I tossed them into the trash. 

But the cancellation shouldn’t discourage families who want holiday entertainment.  Most of the other 4th of July events at Lutz/Stenger are still on and families can still have fun that day and evening.  Try this link for more information


On June 21st, the Apex Board of Directors received the Vision 2020 Committee’s recommendations for future recreational development in the district over the next 7 years.  That short ten-page report is now available online at

If you believe having local recreational opportunities for young people is what makes neighborhood communities strong and vibrant and that’s where you want your tax dollars to be spent, please take a few moments to read those recommendations.  It’s what’s NOT recommended that is likely to be the most important to our readers.  The recommendations in the report are certain to be a disappointment for many living south of Ralston Road and east of Wadsworth Boulevard. 

They were for me. 

A replacement for the Fisher Pool was dropped from the committee’s recommendations because a community pool would cost the district $10K to $15K a year to operate and “does not meet the criteria of building facilities that will pay their operational expenses.”  Ironically, a Fisher Pool replacement concept was also rejected because it was likely to generate more demand than a community-sized pool could handle.

A typical homeowner in our neighborhoods pays a little over $80 a year in mill levies to support Apex.  If you rent, your landlord pays the levy for you and includes it in your rent.  The Apex Board of Directors has not yet accepted the committee’s proposal.  The Arvada City Council is schedule to hear a presentation on the proposal at a workshop next month.


In response to undisclosed events earlier this year, the City of Arvada has broken off its support agreement with Historic Olde Town Arvada (HOTA), which may soon be left on its own.  A number of proposed changes on how the City will support Olde Town in the future will be discussed during an open Monday night workshop at 6:00 pm in Council Chambers. 

The advance notice for the workshop points out that the changes “may generate concerns from Olde Town businesses, the City Council and other community stakeholders.”  Those interested can read that and more in the Council packet posting for the July 9th workshop.  You can read a copy by going to this webpage

or by downloading this file Olde Town Program Revisions.pdf

Workshops are not normally televised.  If business owners want to find out what is going on in promoting Olde Town, they should plan on sitting in.


Yes, we are still on for Thursday July 19th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the old library (now the Arvada Community Food Bank).  City Manager Mark Deven has accepted our invitation to lead off as a guest speaker at the gathering, but the meeting will be primarily to get feedback from our members and friends on how well we’ve done during our first year as a neighborhood association.  And how (or even if) we should go forward in the coming year.  Considering the issues on our plate when we first got started at the beginning of 2011, that’s a lot of ground to cover.  Please mark your calendars and plan to bring your concerns and ideas to the meeting if you are interested in making the central Ralston Road neighborhoods a better place to live.

The meeting is free and everyone is welcome.  If you want to volunteer to help out — bring cookies, move tables around, make ice tea, write up nametags, distribute notices to neighbors, etc, please contact me at the information below.


The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community has a website at with all of our past posts on these subjects.  You can also friend us on Facebook.  Our name is ‘Ralston Arvada.’

 John Kiljan, CLRC Notes: 303-423-9875 or

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2 Responses to CLRC Notes: Neighborhood Updates, Part 5 — Bridge Removal, Fireworks Canceled, Apex Vision 2020 Recommendations, Olde Town Support & a Meeting Reminder

  1. Kristine Hanson Farley says:

    This is a great article – I really appreciate the information you guys present to Arvadans! Thanks for helping people keep their families safe!

  2. Charley Ault says:

    This is a great source of information. I own a business in Old Town and knew nothing about this.Thanks!

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