Another Walmart Opinion Piece: a letter from George Pramenko

by John Kiljan

Dear CLRC members and friends,

To be truly representative, a neighborhood association needs to air the views of all of its members.  Our comment pages are set up to do that on our blog site at , but those comments are often harder to find and aren’t intended for posting lengthy comments.  Nor do they get directly emailed to our subscribers, and they often don’t make their way onto our Facebook postings.

As mentioned earlier, CLRC member T.O. Owens has been trying to line up short interviews with those both for and against the application by IRG and Walmart to build a Supercenter in the Arvada Plaza part of the Triangle.  And I’ve agreed to help him do the writeup for those interviews.  T.O. does have a pro-Walmart interview agreement with former Councilor Lorraine Anderson and I hope I can publish that interview for him in the next week. 

For the anti-Walmart position, T.O. reports he has not had as much luck in getting a local resident to be interviewed.  Everyone he’s asked so far has turned him down.  T.O. first asked community activist and long-time resident George Pramenko for an interview.  Apparently, Mr Pramenko is who has sponsored the many “No Walmart in Arvada Plaza” signs that we see on lawns along 57th Avenue and on Grandview. 

No to Walmart sign

No to Walmart sign

Although he would not agree to an interview, Mr Pramenko did provide a lengthy written explanation of why he would not participate.  When T.O. asked if he could publish his letter instead of doing an interview, George quickly agreed.

And that’s what we’re doing here.  Here — in its unedited form — is George Pramenko’s response to T.O.’s invitation to speak against the Walmart proposal:

* * *

Too Myopic!

Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:41 AM



[To the] CLRC.

George Pramenko in period dress

George Pramenko in period dress

The biggest source of irritation in “what’s going on” in our City’s Governmental Crisis over URA/AEDA plans is something that you’ve never said one word about on your website, and that is the subject of whether or not a “quasi-business liaison/lobbying group” — like AEDA — should have its offices right inside of our City’s Public Building!  Why don’t we just move the N. Arvada Chamber of Commerce Office into the City Hall and quit screwing around.  Almost half of the AEDA Board Members belong to the Chamber.  My view is to “get the AEDA Offices” out of our City’s Public Building and into a private office building.  Maybe there’s room for them over across the street, S.E., where Marc Williams’ law office is located, at Allison and Ralston. 

In contrast, the Denver-Metro Economic Development Association, run by Tom Clark, has its offices in the same building as the Denver Chamber, at 1445 Market St.  They are not located in the Denver City-County Municipal Building, but are separate from government offices.  Go Check It Out, John.  Neither is the JCEDC in any Jefferson County Public Building.  Go Check It Out, T.O.  They have their JCEDC Office on the same floor with the West Chamber Office, in Building 19, Denver West.

The second irritation that you’ve missed is that no actual interviews have appeared on your website concerning those individuals with businesses in the Arvada Plaza who have been circulating money and providing jobs for the past few years and in some cases for a decade or more and are now “getting kicked out”.  Economic Studies in college don’t focus merely on “sales tax revenue” that go to support municipal government services & functions.  Economic Theory includes “economic flow charts” that show a wider picture of how money circulates within a community

This circulation of money in Arvada Plaza has been going on for as long as I can recall, since 1971!  The City Planners, however, tend to ignore that economic fact!. Treat these businesses and their owners like “old shoes”.  They just want to categorically “blight” everything out of hand and try putting “their version of things” down upon everyone else in this community. 

They even ignore and “try to blunt” the sound planning ideas that come from the Urban Land InstituteI’ve not yet seen you write about the ideas of the Urban Land Institute!  The City of Denver uses ULI’s input almost extensively, but not Arvada’s Planning Dept.  Yet, that area of planning and thought from ULI, is diminished if not in fact totally ignored by the grandiose thinking of AURA/AEDA and myopic planning inside City Hall that is too closely connected to the Arvada Economic Development Association’s offices.  Let AEDA go find their own offices outside of City Hall.  Their sole goal is “economic driven planning” . . . and nothing else!  So, is our illustrious Mayor’s thinking in that same myopic pattern.  No sense of historic or other values. 

You’ve not mentioned this “circulation of money” on your website, nor “services provided our community” by these businesses which Walmart will snuff out.  Nor have you gotten specific about the kinds of specific employment, services, and family income production that has been furnished by some twenty or more businesses that will be Shut Down in order to bring in a Damn Walmart. 

The money that those businesses circulated “Stayed in Our Community”!  The particular business proceeds may not have give Arvada City Hall “the big cut” that they like to get from big box stores, but Walmart sure as hell is not gong to provide a helluva lot of services, community connections, and circulation of money as what went on before AURA started trash mouthing the Arvada Plaza on its Arvada Triangle website.  Walmart could care less about this community!  They’ll just add this property to their real estate department when Walmart shuts down.

Write also about Walmart’s 100 fabric/clothing production sites in Bangladesh where poor people are barely given minimal subsistence wages.  Write on CLRC about Walmart getting fined $81 million by the Federal Government for toxic dumping.  Those are many more irritants that CLRC hasn’t written about. 

As a final note to CLRC, have you folks never heard of “the disenfranchisement of Constitutional Rights and Privileges” from the actions of corrupt municipal government…where Collusion and Fraud occur every week or so?  Try looking more closely at Arvada’s City Government from a Civil Rights’ Perspective.  What’s this–“We all have to sign in” to hear and listen to a public hearing?  That’s a bunch of “crap”! 

City Codes are being changed left and right.  Write more about that and the abuse that’s going on!  This whole Arvada City Government is sounding more like Boss Tweed’s NYC Tammany Hall…or the way the Pendergast Machine operated in Kansas City.  Also, have either of you guys gone and looked into the biased and crooked “CO State Statutes” which gave too much of a “stacked deck” to developers/contractors vis-à-vis the Citizens at the city government level upon their making a filing.  A filing that then gives the City Attorney the “right” to gag and muzzle All City Elected Officials, on a certain subject — even when there’s no court case — until the time of the City Council Votes.  Also, it’s these same bogus State Statutes makes the City Attorney in every Colorado city that adopts Urban Renewal Authority, think that he has the premise, as the City Attorneyto think that he is King!  

I could go on, but I need to get to the rec. center.  This is part of the reason why I refused accept the offer to be interviewed by CLRC.  You guys think that you are “up on things”, but I beg to disagree.  I believe that you’ve been listening to too narrow a range of voices and haven’t gotten away to visit “folks in the street” enough!  It’s caused you and your website to be “behind the curve” on many aspects of these community issues.  “Tap Er Light!”  See Ya Around!

George Pramenko, w/ The Center for Early American History & Political Research, “my home”, in Arvada, CO . . . three blocks away from where idiots in this town want to allow a Walmart! 

* * *


The period dress photo of Mr Pramenko is from the Rocky Mountain News 2008 presidential election archives and was not a part of his email.  The article that goes with it can be found at


YourHub has an online article about opposition to Walmart you can read at

AURA has set up a useful website with lots of information and links to the latest files and a Triangle planning video featuring CLRC member Eddie Lyons at

The site also has a “Notify Me” link to receive further notifications from the City.

The next public hearing will be before the Planning Commission on the evening of June 4, 2013.  The room is expected to be crowded.  Follow this link for more information:

The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community regularly posts neighborhood information on its website at as it becomes available. Or you can friend us on Facebook. Our Facebook name is “CLRC Arvada”.

John Kiljan, CLRC Notes: 303-423-9875 or

June 1, 2013





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