Article Reprint: Arvada Plaza tenants next steps

by John Kiljan

Dear CLRC members and friends, 

“Many tenants of the aging strip mall, though, aren’t waiting for the eviction notice or wrecking ball to make their move.”  — Emilie Rusch, YourHub Reporter

A quick explanation:  Normally we do not reprint articles or photos from the Denver Post’s YourHub local Arvada edition or from the Arvada Press on this site.  Copyright laws only allow for a short ‘fair use’ extract of an article (like the quote above) with a link to the full article on each paper’s website.  We’re happy with that arrangement.  Both newspapers have much better writers than we do and we want very much for them to stay in business and get full credit for their journalistic work. 

But an article by Emilie Rusch in YourHub from three weeks ago is an exception.  It was well researched, and it pointed out the City of Arvada’s role in helping the existing Arvada Plaza tenants to relocate as the new Walmart moves in.  The City organization that does that is called AEDA (eye-EE-dah).  The YourHub piece is just the kind of neighborhood-oriented news article we like to see coming from the Denver Post. 

We would have quickly referenced it to encourage our members to read the full article online — except that it was not available online that week.  Nor the week after. Nor the week after that.  It seems that YourHub has been doing some much-needed upgrades to its software.  Some articles have simply gone missing on their online editions, and it may not be until well into September before those issues are straightened out. 

So CLRC member T.O. Owens asked for permission to reprint the whole article on our neighborhood association website.  That permission was quickly granted by the local YourHub editor for Arvada/Lakewood.  Thank you Editor Steve Shultz, and thank you Reporter Emilie Rusch. 

Here is a JPG file with that reprint.  It is high resolution so you should be able to easily expand it to readable size after you have saved it.  Try clicking on the image first to see if that works well enough with your browser.

–John Kiljan, CLRC, 15 August 2013 

* * *


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