SD-19 Vacancy Committee

I have had a a bunch of emails and phone calls wondering who was on the committee to replace Senator Hudak. I called down to the Secretary of State and they mailed me the list.

The vacancy committee is made up of 75 democrats that live in SD-19. This is a standing committee that is updated regularly and seems to have been last updated in April.

In order to choose a new Senator they must have half of the members in attendance.

An interesting note is that there was some question about if there would have had to be an election had Senator Hudak waited for the signatures to be counted. It seems like there was a likely legal challenge that would have forced and election. This is why she resigned prior to the recall signatures being turned in.

Please feel free to call these folks and weigh in on this big decision they have before them. I will have some thought on the likely candidates before the meeting on the 10th.


FirstName LastName Phone
Jesus Aguilar 3034240280
Lucy Aguilar 3034240280
Larry Allen 3034669827
Suzanne Allen 3034254907
Timothy Allport 3034358568
Jennifer Allport 3039044339
Karl Almquist 3034231518
David Aragoni 7203845775
Robert Banzin 3034666283
Clara Banzin 3034666283
Eric Bergstrom 3038628681
John Boak 3034600479
Leslie Canges 3034222834
Cheryl Cheney 7202613240
Patricia Connell 3034206269
Tricia Curley 3039171924
Susan Demeules 3034208435
Mercedes Dunphy unknown
Andrea Duran-Carpenter 3037655401
Joyce Espinosa 3034875678
Jill Fellman 3033782010
Jacqueline Feulner 3039420008
Robert Fifer 3036504544
Tammy Filbert 3034204801
Kenneth Finton 3034204888
Chaya Finton 3034204888
Sara Gagliardi 3034670619
Ronald Gallegos 3034040714
Ivan Geisler 3034317464
Kelsey Gilbert 7204683524
Lino Gonzales 7208983414
Clare Graham 3034290490
Isidro Griego 3034034422
Marilou Griego 3034227161
Allison Halprin Lovejoy 3032410557
Rosamaria Hamilton 7207084442
Larry Hansen 3034241774
Pamela Harmes 3035647956
Larry Hofer 3034209537
Cary Huff 3034108430
Lynn Huizing 3034234838
Mary Isenhart 3034236635
Kathleen James 3034237430
Donna Johnson 3039853142
Shara Johnson 3038817879
Cynthia Kirby 3035875809
Gloria Knutson 3034204072
Tracy Kraft Tharp 3034212787
Dennis Larsen 3034242880
Robert Lasala 3034311365
Eric Letkemann 3034223171
Richard Marvel 3038176195
Joyce McNabb 3034673946
Victoria Meddles 7202314570
Michael Melio 3035305215
Benjamin Mercado 3034217735
Jacquelyn Neill 3034878166
Theresa Neuroth 3037368984
Zachary Noriega 7202099137
April Peterson 7208418264
Shirley Pierce 3034208353
Karen Pramenko 3034250433
Jo Roll 3034221961
Christopher Rose 3033451028
Edward Schweers 3034312318
Jeanne Sullivan 3034231030
David Thomas 3034204140
Jason Tucker 3033588353
Joseph Ullman 3036500542
Kathryn Wallace 3038295159
Bradford West 3034226592
Robert Wilson 3034207127
Jelena Woehr 303XXXXXXX
Rachel Zenzinger 3034553522
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One Response to SD-19 Vacancy Committee

  1. Jelena Woehr says:

    TO, thanks for taking my phone number off — I’m not sure what happened to your CLRC Arvada FB page! I thought you’d blocked me but it seems to be totally down??? Let me know if I can help if you’re having tech issues.

    I’m happy to talk to anyone about the vacancy committee, just shoot me an email at and I’ll call you right back or email you, whatever you prefer. It’s just that the number associated with my voter registration is my personal cell phone, and I don’t like that showing up in every web search people ever do for my name for the rest of time! I would love to talk with ANYONE local who wants to share their thoughts on the big decision we’re facing. It’s the crazy cyber-bully types who lurk in dark corners of the Internet that worry me, and I’ve had this number so long I’d really really hate to change it now. Neighbors are always welcome to have my number!

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