Ralston Central Park to Open by the End of May

Ralston Central Park to Open by the End of May

I had a chance to ask Mayor Williams a few questions last week. One of them was the status of Ralston Central Park. The Mayor asked City Manager Mark Devon to respond to that question. His response is below.

“Regarding Ralston Central Park, the short answer is that the park should be substantially completed and available for public use by the end of May. We will have some inevitable “punch list” items that will require work past that time frame. However, all major elements will be available, including the splash deck. Here is a summary of the status of the nine major elements and their status right now:

Spray Park: 
The Spray Park is 80% completed, the pumping system and all exterior piping has been installed. Remaining work to be completed includes pouring the colored concrete deck, installing the railings, setting the pre-cast seat-wall cap and installing the spray park features.

Restroom/Storage/Mechanical Building: 
The building is 90% completed. Remaining work to be completed includes installing the sinks, final electrical and plumbing inspections, installing the sky lights and interior painting.

Irrigation System: 
The park irrigation system is 70% completed. The mainline has been installed while work installing the lateral lines continues. The park irrigation will be completed by the end-of-April.

Landscape Materials: 
Landscaping, including sodding, is 40% completed. Additional tree planting will occur once the irrigation system is completed. Sod will be installed by the end of April.

Lighting Systems: 
The lighting system is 95% completed. Remaining work includes the setting of miscellaneous up lights and bollard lights.

Main Pavilion: 
The Main Pavilion is 90% completed. Remaining work includes installation of the gutter system and roof enclosure installation.

Site Furniture: 
Site furniture installation is 80% completed. All of the site furniture is on-site and is being assembled. Many of the pads and footings for the benches, tables and trash receptacles have been poured. Furniture will be installed as areas of the park are completed to avoid any damage to the furniture and other site elements.

Hernor Family Memorial Garden Area: 
The memorial garden is 80% completed. Remaining work includes the installing the pavers, seat-wall cap, site furniture, light fixtures and landscaping.

Miscellaneous Items: 
There are various other minor items still needing to be completed. The playground safety padding will be installed when the temperatures permit, the base for the padding has already been installed. “

I would like to thank Mr Devon for this detailed response. It is great to know that the park will be open soon.




Rendering of Ralston Central Park provided by the City of Arvada

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  1. charles ault says:

    Thanks for the update.

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