Status update of the traffic signal at Brooks Drive and Carr Street

Status update of the traffic signal at Brooks Drive and Carr Street

Many CLRC members have asked about the traffic signal at Brooks Drive and Carr Street. Many people would like the signal to stay in place even after construction of the park is complete. I had the occasion to ask that question of Mayor Williams and he asked City Manager Mark Devon to respond.


His response is “Once Garrison Street was reopened last year, our staff conducted a traffic signal warrant study to determine the continued need of the signal at Brooks and Carr. Under federal guidelines thresholds must be met to justify a traffic signal’s presence. A wreck caused by an unjustified traffic signal means the city could be liable for the collision occurring. The warrant study DID prove that the signal met 2 federal warrants, both were due to afternoon traffic volumes exceeding the federal established threshold.

The northbound left turn arrow, however, did not come close to meeting warrants to remain in place. The northbound left turn arrow was removed since it was no longer justified and was creating unnecessary southbound delay (northbound left turn traffic volumes decreased with the reopening of the Garrison bridge). The study was completed late Fall, and our staff removed the left turn arrow removed sometime in December. We then removed the “signal under study for removal” signs, as the study was complete.

So the short answer is that the signal as is presently configured at Brooks and Carr will remain. It is no longer temporary.”

I would like to thank the Mayor and Mr Devon for taking the time needed to find the answer for us. For many this will be great news.


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One Response to Status update of the traffic signal at Brooks Drive and Carr Street

  1. Spencer says:

    If the the light is to remain at Carr Street and Brooks Drive it should be set up to trigger the same as the light at Garrison St and Brooks Drive, i.e.when a vehicle is present it turn green for that vehicle. One of the most irritating issues in Arvada is the lack of synchronized traffic signals throughout the City and traffic signals that shouldn’t turn red unless a vehicle is present. An example of a light that is out of touch with synchronization and reality is the one in front of the closed Safeway Store that turns red when no cars are present to exit from the north or the south. Most traffic signals in Arvada should only be flashing between the hours of 10pm and 6am and should only be triggered when a car is present during the day. One of the worst areas of traffic congestion is on Wadsworth and Kipling near the respectively I-70 intersections. Most of these traffic delays are due to reverse synchronization of traffic signals causing slow movement of traffic through these traffic signals. Realizing that Wadsworth and Kipling are state highways and jurisdictional issues exist between the City’s of Wheat Ridge and Arvada…there should be a corporative effort to resolve traffic signal issues to make traffic flow better through these areas.

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