Health Care Presentation Provided by Senator Irene Aguilar

[updated:  April 9, 2014]

CLRC Steering Committe member Lynn Huizing was successful in providing the community with a copy of Senator Irene Aguilar’s presentation from the Sunday March 31, 2014 community forum.

[UPDATE:  On April 7, 2014 Senate Bill16 was laid over until May 8th — one day after the General Assembly adjourns for the year sine die. That should end the discussion on whether the Arvada Emergency Room will have to close under the bill. The Legislature reconvenes in January and new legislation may be introduced at that time. Thanks to all that showed an interest and to those who participated in Senator Aguilar’s Community Forum last month.  And thanks to CRLC President T.O. Owens for doing all the work to bring the forum and its 47 attendees together.  — John Kiljan]

The link to the presentation is below


Senator Irene Aguilar

Senator Irene Aguilar

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