Ken Haack — Candidate for the Apex Board of Directors

Ken Haack — Candidate for the Apex Board of Directors

13455 W 73rd Avenue, Arvada, CO 80005

1) What are your goals for Apex in the coming four years and how can you help Apex meet those goals?

Ken Haack

Ken Haack

By continuing the current Boards’ commitment to providing high quality recreational activities to the citizens, I would also strive to (a) continue to foster the mental recreation of the citizens by expanding current life-long learning opportunities; (b) continue the search for a recreational area in east Arvada and the Ralston communities; and (c) provide expertise for improvements of renewable energy for the Apex district to save tax monies long term.

2) It’s generally recognized that the older parts of Arvada (east and south) are underserved when it comes to local recreation.What would you do as a board member to ensure that young people in these neighborhoods have easy walkable access to local recreation?

It is my view that all residents ideally should have a recreation facility within walking distance of their neighborhoods. Unfortunately, this plan takes more funding than most people are willing to part with. Auxiliary, smaller facilities may be the answer to meeting the needs of our young people in Arvada. Even revamping an existing structure to a new purpose should be under consideration toward an end goal. This could be the case of a little bit of something is better than all of nothing.

3) Do you support the City of Arvada’s efforts to build a replacement for the old Apex pool that was once located on Ralston Road at Garrison Street?

I do support the city’s desire to build a replacement pool. Listening to the comments of Arvadans, past and present, this pool is sorely missed. However, with safety and ADA issues playing a prominent role for me, I would like to see access to a new facility easy and safe. Most of the locations now being considered as a replacement are close to a main traffic corridor and pose a higher risk to those wishing to cross roads on foot.  Alternate passageways similar to a pedestrian bridge could be considered.

4) Do you support upgrading the Secrest pool and its facilities?

I do support an upgrade to Secrest pool due to its location and easy accessibility for foot traffic.  However, evaluating the variables regarding this facility may determine the appropriate action needed. Currently, sustainability needs are not being addressed. Hours of operation and general overhead costs fiscally place this facility as an operational deficit. We need to move closer to a net zero expense with our considerations for upgrades.

5) The City-owned (but Apex operated) Meyers pool only has an estimated ten years of life left in it. Would you support rebuilding the facility?

For now, I would support repairing the Meyers pool facility. Since this would be a stop gap measure to retain its operation, this would enable the District to plan and allocate its replacement without loss of use. It is important to remember that Myers is the only 50 meter enclosed pool in Jefferson County and one of three in the state.

6)  Apex is supported in part by property taxes.Do you support the view that Apex should concentrate on building larger facilities that can pay for their own operating expenses instead of building smaller facilities that meet local recreational needs but may operate at a loss?

Large sustainable facilities are preferable when possible; however the local needs should be addressed sooner than later. Perhaps a repurposed building can be modified to alleviate the temporary need of the community. In this way, the recreation so desired by local residents can be enjoyed, even if it is on a limited basis. Once again, a little bit of something is better than all of nothing.

7) What new ideas would you bring to the table?

Not so much new ideas, but a fresh outlook. The Apex Board of Directors has been extremely resourceful over the years and it would be difficult to come up with new ideas that have not already been addressed. Conceivably, my problem solving skills would bring an evaluative approach to logistical obstacles and may render an innovative solution not previously enacted. I tend to not leave any stone unturned when it comes to getting the facts.

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