Tommy Skul — Candidate for the Apex Board of Directors

Tommy Skul — Candidate for the Apex Board of Directors


Tommy Skul

Tommy Skul

1) What are your goals for Apex in the coming four
years and how can you help Apex meet those goals?

1.  Improve our existing facilities that are in need of updating,  getting a recreation center built to service the residents on the east side of Arvada, work on the completion of the Long Lake Ranch project so we have
more turf for the youth organizations and adult activities, and the reconfiguration of Lutz Complex for safer more useful fields.

2.  The past APEX board has managed tax payers money extremely well and
providing the best facility’s and activities possible.  They have also
created a recreation environment with multiple options for all ages.  The
board has listened to the citizens and looked into the future of
recreation in Arvada. I will continue to be prudent in managing tax payer
money and look forward to continuing and building on what the previous
board has put in place.

3.  Improve the relationships with employee’s of APEX, youth
organizations, and build the momentum of a bond, that will need to be
voted in, so  APEX can make much needed improvements in existing outdated
facilities, and see new projects from start to completion to meet the
community’s growing recreational needs.

4.  I will continue to build relationships with the employee’s of APEX,
the citizens of Arvada, youth organizations, the City of Arvada, City
Council, City Manager’s Office, and  Arvada Economic Development
Association as all of the go forward plans are going to take
collaboration.  Continue to build on an environment that generates public
input and needed feed back.  Have a business like approach to getting the
job done to meet the recreation needs of Arvada.

2) It’s generally recognized that the older parts of Arvada
(east and south) are underserved when it comes to local recreation.
What would you do as a board member to ensure that young
people in these neighborhoods have easy walkable access to local

As I mentioned above working on improving existing facilities and building
new facility’s that meet the needs of all Arvada citizens in that area.

3) Do you support the City of Arvada’s efforts to build a replacement
for the old Apex pool that was once located on Ralston Road at Garrison Street?

I would support more outdoor community based pool/centers, and work with
the City of Arvada.  I would want to make sure that a new facility like
that would service the community as a whole and not a specific age group.

4) Do you support upgrading the Secrest pool and its facilities?

Updating is a possibility.  What I would really like to see is a larger
facility that serves a larger population of residents of Arvada east side.

5) The City-owned (but Apex operated) Meyers pool only has an estimated
ten years of life left in it.Would you support rebuilding the facility?

I believe that getting the Bond reissued/passed, that is expiring, is a
key factor of keeping this facility operational and or rebuilt.  The Myers
pool serves a important purpose in our community and I would not like to
see it go.  If the Bond is not passed it will be in jeopardy of going
away, and that is something that I do not want to see happen.

6) Apex is supported in part by property taxes. Do you support the
view that Apex should concentrate on building larger facilities that
can pay for their own operating expenses instead of building smaller
facilities that meet local recreational needs but may operate at a loss?

I believe that it is important not to put the recreation district into a
financial situation that facility’s can not sustain themselves.  An
example of this is the Meyers pool project that needs major improvements
and the district doesn’t have the money available to repair/replace this
facility without a bond or major fund raising efforts.

7) What new ideas would you bring to the table?

Being part of the 2020 Citizens Review Committee opened my eyes to the
recreation needs of our community.  The plans that the committee came up
with is something that I believe service the community as a whole and
would like to see those projects recommended to APEX get completed.

Thank you for the opportunity to pass on my platform.  Please also put my

Tommy Skul

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