Quotes from the State-of-the-City Speech

Quotes from the State-of-the-City speech:

This event was sponsored by the Arvada Chamber of Commerce and several other organizations. It was held on Friday morning, April 18, 2014 in the Arvada Center. All of the quotes are by Mayor Marc Williams, the keynote speaker.

* * *

“We are in excellent shape — financially and organizationally.”

Mayor Marc Williams

Arvada Mayor Marc Williams

“Arvada is not just a bedroom community anymore. . . . Between 50 and 60 percent of the people who are buying brand new homes in the City of Arvada are either existing Arvada residents or people who want to come home — who want to come back to this great community.”

“We have $172 million in financial reserves here in Arvada. . . . That’s probably why we maintain a triple-A bond rating — much better than the federal government. And we’re darn proud of that AAA bond rating. And that gives us the ability, down the road if we need to, to [do] some borrowing — to be in a good position to do that.”

“Now I know there have been some people who don’t like [Park Place Olde Town]. I recognize it. I accept it. People don’t like change. They are worried what we’re going to do as a City Council — and what we’re going to do as a City — is going to destroy Olde Town. I pledge to you, as I pledged to you last year when this project was first being proposed, that your City Council and your City Staff believe in Olde Town, [they] believe in its historical significance, and [they] want to maintain that identity. I also recognize as I talk to the merchants in this great community — particularly in the Olde Town area — that they want these kinds of [Park Place] citizens to be a part of the flavor and mix of the Olde Town neighborhood.”

“. . . it’s 670 spots. About $20 million is what this [Olde Town] parking structure is going to cost. And guess what? It’s paid for. We have the money in the bank. We’re not looking at a loan. We’re not looking at parking fees.”

“I have now acquired the nickname of ‘Walmarc’ — and I accept it [audience laughter]. I recognize it. I’ll own it because it was the right decision. And I’m proud of our City Council for approving that project, because that Walmart is going to be an economic engine — just as the development below Olde Town was an economic engine for the redevelopment of Olde Town.”

“Having that Walmart, which will be breaking ground here very shortly, and will be open in 2015, is creating tremendous interest in the north side where the Chuck E Cheese and that whole development is, where the Safeway store was. . . . I can tell you King Soopers took a very different approach [than Safeway]. . . . Well, when Walmart came in, they said, ‘Bring it on.’ They like competition, just as those in this room recognize how important competition is. Again we have tremendous interest on the north side just as we did with the TOD site [in Olde Town] . . . You’re going to see great restructuring in terms of Ralston Road through that area. I think it is going to be a great, great opportunity.”

“I am confident that the House and the Senate will pass a long bill that includes funding, as is being proposed right now, for a 40,000 square foot expansion of Red Rocks Community College at Kipling Ridge. The opportunities this creates for this community and for this region are absolutely wonderful. When you look at what they want to do with that expanded campus, in the arena of nursing [and] physician’s assistants, a true growth industry and the possible spinoffs that we as a community can benefit in terms of medical office buildings, other uses that are compatible with that type of expansion, that site is primed and I appreciate the work that Red Rocks has done and that the House and Senate will do in making sure that funding goes through.”

“Ralston Central Park, which it seems like is taking forever — and I have conversations on a weekly basis with the City Manager — we are looking at opening that at the end of May this year — certainly by summer. And that Ralston Central Park . . . in conjunction with Apex is going to have a great splash pad, gazebos, playgrounds. It’s really going to be a great Ralston Central Park and we’re excited about that.”

“Now as I talked about Park Place, as I talked about Walmart, those have been controversial issues. And in addition to being called Walmarc — and a few other things I won’t repeat — I recognize that not everyone is happy with the decisions we are making. But I can tell you that this City Council and this City Staff are doing what they think the citizens overall wish to see happen, and they are seeing what is important for their community the long term and they are taking those actions.”

“And I recognize that change is difficult and visions are not always the same, but I can commit to you that no member of City Council, no member of Staff — none of us — are lining our pockets for doing these projects. It’s because we love this community and because we think that these are appropriate actions to take to better, and to move forward, and to keep Arvada so truly so very, very special.”

* * *

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