Important Meetings this Week

by John Kiljan

[updated July 22, 2014]

Dear CLRC members and friends,

The Triangle, even more Olde Town apartments, the A-Line to DIA, the Land Development Code — sometimes it’s the least-publicized City of Arvada meetings that are the most important to the well-being of the City.


Ralston Creek North

Ralston Creek North

On Wednesday, July 23rd, AURA will select a development team that will have the exclusive right to re-develop what is now being called “Ralston Creek North”, the shopping district just across Ralston Road to the north of the new Walmart Supercenter that is expect to begin construction in 2015.

There are two finalists in the request for proposals (RFP’s) being reviewed that night. And each proposal has complimentary teams of developers. They will be giving their final presentations in the 3rd-floor conference room in the Arvada City Hall at 5:30 pm. Access is via the lower entrance to the Arvada City Hall. If you want to see what is being planned for the area, take the elevator to the third floor of the building (the main door should be open but you cannot climb up the stairs or get off on the 2nd floor from the elevator) and look for the meeting room on the east side of the building.

How to deal with the need for a local community recreation center/pool near Ralston Central Park is likely to be a part of each developers’ presentations.

There will not be an opportunity for public input. After the presentations, the AURA board is expected to go into executive session to decide who the developer will be and under what conditions — or to decide not to give an exclusive development right to either developer responding to this much-anticipated RFP. This may be the most important decision AURA makes this year for the neighborhoods surrounding the Arvada Triangle.

On Tuesday, July 22nd, MKS Residential will be having an open meeting to discuss its Preliminary Development Plan for its proposal to build rental-only apartments in the last undeveloped tract of land in Olde Town. The site is just east of the mini-storage units on Wadsworth Bypass at Grandview Avenue. It has been named Solana after a site developed by the company in California.

East Side Apex Proposal

East Side Apex Proposal

Many uses have been proposed for this property — including a grocery store, pharmacy or a recreation facility in conjunction with the Apex Park and Recreation District — but so far the only commercial interest seems to be to construct up to three times the number of apartments now planned for Park Place Olde Town (at the corner of Ralston Road and Wadsworth Bypass) with two- and three-story walkup units. Some financial support from AURA may be sought for this project.

The meeting will be held at the Vineyard Church on Olde Wadsworth below the tracks from Olde Town at 6:00 pm and is open to the public.

The fate of the A-Line shuttle service to Denver International Airport hangs in the balance at an Arvada Planning Commission meeting being held Tuesday evening, July 22nd, at 6:30 pm.

Ride Provide's A-Line DIA Service

Ride Provide’s A-Line DIA Service

RTD’s financial support for Ride Provide’s A-Line shuttle service to DIA ends on opening day in 2016. The popular and predictable 40-minute service to DIA from Olde Town will be replaced by the Fastrack’s commuter rail service through Union Station.

Estimates are that travellers will have to arrive at the Olde Town Gold Line station up to an hour-and-a-half before their needed arrival time at DIA. The extra time is because of uncoordinated rail schedules and the need to change platforms at the new Denver Union Station transportation hub.

Ride Provide is hoping to use the parking lot next to the Cornerstone Building (behind the old Gunther Toody’s) to continue the service at a somewhat higher cost — and without RTD’s support. That requires a special-use permit from the City of Arvada approved by the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday.

It does not look like RTD will allow the A-Line, nor any other commuter van or taxi service, preferential access to the new tax-supported $20 million parking structure being built in Olde Town. So this may be the only alternative to a much longer ride to DIA — or to simply taking a $100 taxi ride (don’t forget the tip) directly to or from DIA.

If you, or your business, rely on quick, reliable and economical ($12) access to DIA, this would be a very good meeting to show up at to express your concerns or support.

Yep, the meeting is being held at the same time as the Solana meeting, so you will have to decide which is more important to you if you want to attend.

That’s your — or a business’ — authorization to use your/their property as you/they see fit within the City of Arvada.   The LDC describes the authority invested in the Planning Commission, the Board of Adjustments, and the Olde Town Design Review Committee to modify zoning requirements. Vagueness in definitions in what is an industrial area is supposed to be and how it is meant to encourage employment are the reasons the latest review got started, according to Rita McConnell, City of Arvada Planning Manager.

This is only one of a long series of meetings being held to review the code that is open to the public. You need a reservation to attend and you should contact Rita as soon as you can to do that. Rita’s contact information is 720-898-7444 or

The meeting is being held on the 3rd floor of City Hall between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Here’s the announcement link:

That’s right. The meeting is being held at the same time as the AURA developer selection meeting on the same floor in City Hall, but in a different room. You will have to decide on which meeting is more important to you.

On Tuesday evening, the Arvada Planning Commission approved the conditional use permit needed to keep the A-Line shuttle service to DIA running on a 5 to 0 vote after a number of public comments in support of the request.

The Solana facts sheet handed out at the MKS meeting at the Vineyard Church says that they are planning for 352 rental units on the 15-acre site.  76% will have their own garages.  They will be 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units (750 sq ft to 1.330 sq ft).  There will be a clubhouse, fitness center and a pool, but only for use by the residents.  The proposal goes to the Planning Commission in November.  Groundbreaking is expected in the spring of 2015.

The developer said there will be no apartments adjacent to Grandview.  That part will be used for a park (open to the public), with the 3-story units below the hill.  The apartments will be built to be convertible to owner-occupied condos later on.

The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community is an independent neighborhood association representing the neighborhoods adjacent to Ralston Road from Wadsworth Bypass to the Kipling Parkway.

You can catch us on our main website at or read even more posts on our Facebook page at “CLRC – Citizens for a Liveable Ralston Community”. Hey, it’s not us. It’s Facebook that insists on spelling Livable that way.

6185 Field Street
Arvada, CO 80004


Tuesday 21 July 2014

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