The Triangle Gets a Big Development Boost

by John Kiljan
[updated: 26 July 2014]
[updated: 30 July 2014]
[updated: 31 July 2014]

Dear CLRC members and friends,

The Buckingham companies have been selected to be the preferred developer for Ralston Creek North. The late-night Wednesday vote selecting Buckingham as the developer for Ralston Creek North was a unanimous 6-0 after an hour’s deliberation in a closed executive session by the AURA Board of Commissioners.

Ralston Creek North -- Proposed Site Plan

Ralston Creek North — Proposed Site Plan

The Buckingham proposal features a European-style beer garden where children can play while their parents have a beer and a bratwurst, lots of open public space, accessible bike and pedestrian connections to adjacent parks, maximum use of the ambience of Ralston Creek, substantial recreational facilities, park-friendly businesses next to the new Ralston Central Park, residential parking tucked under middle-income condos, restaurants with a local flavor, taller buildings set closer to Ralston Road and away from Brooks Drive, and maybe — just maybe — a nice community-sized pool where kids can learn to swim year-round, and many other features yet to be discussed with local neighborhood groups at future public meetings and feedback sessions.

One of the things that a number of commission members found attractive in the Buckingham proposal was the development companies’ willingness to not only build the new development, but to stay and own, operate and manage these facilities in the future as a continuing long-term investment.

In closing remarks after the developer selection, AURA Executive Director Maureen Phair said, “I just want to say this is a huge day. . . . We have worked since 2003 to redevelop the Triangle area, we’ve named it, we’ve branded it, and now we’ve got a wonderful first-class developer whose going to come in and really change this community for the better. . . . We have worked hard for a year in this solicitation process, through the training that we did as a group, through the Request for Qualifications, the Request for Proposals, and this selection tonight. I just want to say congratulations! I think you guys did a great job today picking the developer and thinking through why this developer would be the best one, so congratulations. It’s really huge and it’s really exciting. . . . This is my passion and I am thrilled — absolutely thrilled!”

Updates:  A more readable image of the above foam-board poster may be viewed at…/Ralston_Creek_site_plan…

or by going to

Buckingham Proposal for the Triangle -- click to enlarge

Buckingham Proposal for the Triangle — click to enlarge

* * *

If you are curious about the Buckingham group and the companies they have partnered with for this development, there is a useful post on a City of Arvada website at

* * *

There are now two articles in the newspapers by local reporters about the selection. You can read them online.

The first is by John Aguilar, a writer for the Denver Post, at

And the second is by Crystal Anderson at the Arvada Press at,163396?



Concept Plan Detail

Concept Plan Detail

We’re still trying to get copies of the presentation material Buckingham used during the final selection process, so look for them in future postings, along with a projected agreement and construction schedule.

There is a (very) amateur video available online showing the final ten minutes of AURA selection meeting with comments by individual AURA commissioners saying what they liked best about the Buckingham proposal. Here’s the link:

AURA’s own web page for developments in Ralston Creek (aka, the Triangle) can be found at

and at

The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community is an independent neighborhood association representing the neighborhoods adjacent to Ralston Road from Wadsworth Bypass to the Kipling Parkway.

You can catch us on our main website at or read even more posts on our Facebook page at “CLRC – Citizens for a Liveable Ralston Community”. Hey, it’s not us. It’s Facebook that insists on spelling Livable that way.

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Thursday  24 July 2014


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