Capital Improvement Committee Meeting 10/9/2014 – Meeting Summary


I intend to post meeting summary notes from CCIPC meetings. I did not write these but they are the approved summary.




Tour Summary

Note: This document is a summary of the key discussion topics at each tour stop. It is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of the tour. It is organized by tour stop.

Street Reconstruction at Brooks and Garrison (Discussion with Mark Bowman)

  • Garrison has needed resurfacing for at least 12 years. Resurfacing was delayed to allow for multiple other projects in the area to be completed first so that the street would only be under construction once. The street deteriorated during the delay and was just completely reconstructed. The project cost $598,000 and is expected to last for a long time.
  • Brooks Street was improved using mill and overlay as complete reconstruction was not needed.
  • A member of the group requested that staff provide the CCIPC with a summary of traffic counts on major streets over time. This information is forthcoming.

Parks Building (Discussion with Mike McDonnell)

  • The Parks Building houses all of the crews for the east and central districts of Arvada; this includes staff, as well as vehicles, equipment, and maintenance operations.
  • The building is very old. It is not accessible under the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). The heating and cooling system is antiquated, inefficient, and ineffective. There are outdoor areas that routinely get covered with ice, and staff falls are fairly common. Office space is insufficient, and the available meeting space will not hold the entire staff. Equipment storage space is insufficient to allow for all equipment to be kept indoors; keeping equipment indoors extends the life of the equipment by approximately 3 years over outdoor storage.
  • The overall location is good, but the property is too small to accommodate the Department’s needs. The City leases an easement from the railroad on the south side to get extra space. There is available land to the north that could be acquired, allowing for the City to quit leasing the easement. It would take 17 years to payoff that purchase.
  • There is no security system. Staff members have to manually check more than 20 doors to ensure security at night. There have been no break-ins. Lighting is minimal, and ceiling tiles have periodically fallen in. There is a chemical room that does not meet current safety codes. Ceilings in the garage are too low to allow for large trucks to be lifted for maintenance; there are also no recessed maintenance areas. This makes repairing and maintaining larger trucks very difficult.
  • It may be possible to build a second story in the office area to increase space and improve efficiency.

Arvada Ridge Transit Stop (Discussion with Bill Honer)

  • The Gold Line starts at Union Station in Denver and enters Arvada at Tennyson. There will be three stations in Arvada: one at Sheridan, one in Olde Town, and this one at Arvada Ridge.
  • The platform and the trains will be level at this station to allow easy roll-on/roll-off for wheelchairs, strollers, and suitcases.
  • There will be an at-grade crossing at Lee Street to get people safely across Ridge Road.
  • There will be 200 parking spaces, with some handicap spaces and some motorcycle spaces. There will be bike parking and a few bike lockers (which can be leased).
  • Trains will not use horns in the area; gates on both sides of the tracks allow for quiet zones.

Traffic Calming Roundabout on W. 52nd Avenue

  • This roundabout was added to calm traffic. This was a priority of the last CIP Committee.
  • The new 4.5-acre Griffith Park is being created at 52nd and Carr. This is part of the City’s vision to have a park within a 10-minute walk from every Arvada home. Park construction should be completed by the summer of 2016.

Olde Town Transit Improvements (Discussion with Phil Hensley)

  • This is area will be home to a new transit center. There will be a bus transfer area on the lower level, Gold Line on the main level, and a festival deck on the top level. There will be 4 different connecting plazas, along with parking for 600 cars (400 for RTD parking and 200 for retail), including spaces for handicap parking and motorcycles. The overall height of the building will not be taller be than the current height of the movie theater.
  • The City has some concerns that people will use the lot for long-term airport parking, so management of the parking will have to adapt to conditions and use as they develop.

Sheridan Station

  • Sheridan Station will have an elevated platform above the railroad grade in the surrounding area. This allows for some energy efficiency, as arriving trains will automatically slow as they go up the hill to the platform and automatically speed up as they go down the hill leaving the platform.
  • There will be 330 parking spaces, including spaces for handicap parking and motorcycles. There will also be bike parking and bike lockers. There is room to expand the parking if needed.

69th and Sheridan

  • The City is building Britton Park here. It is an old apple orchard, and the new park will have an agricultural theme.
  • Neighbors design parks in Arvada, and more than 100 people attended the meetings for Britton Park.
  • The park should be completed by October of 2015.

Median on 88th Street

  • Improving this median was the second-highest priority for the last CIP group. The irrigation system had failed, the trees were dying, and the trees were blocking the retail at 88thand Sheridan, causing Kings Soopers to consider leaving the shopping center.
  • The median was rebuilt and relandscaped, making it more visually pleasing and improving visibility for local business. The new plants are thriving.
  • The cost of improving the median between Sheridan and Wadsworth was $1,037,000.

Moore Brothers Farm

  • This is a 50-acre farm that is now owned and operated by the City. The use of the property will always be agricultural. An employee of the Parks Department lives in the house on the site and manages the property.
  • There was previous discussion about improving Alkire Street in this area, but neighbors had resisted previous proposals. The current alignment has been part of the Comprehensive Plan for at least the last 15 years and is accepted by the neighborhood. The approved plan is to connect Ward Road to 79th Street at Cameo Estates.
  • There is some challenging topography that has not yet been addressed regarding how to connect W. Alkire Street between W. 80th and W. 82nd Avenues.

Intersection of 72ndand Indiana

  • Addressing this intersection was a priority of the last CIP group. The goal is to widen the road.
  • There are two canals and some historic values at the intersection, which make this a challenging project.

Westwoods (Discussion with Mark Bowman)

  • During lunch, Mark shared some handouts (available the on the website) outlining costs of different forms of street improvements and their respective lifetimes.
  • There is a lifecycle to street maintenance, and Arvada’s goal is to improve streets early at a lower cost rather than waiting until the damage is so extensive that more costly reconstruction is needed.
  • The City is currently putting $5 million per year into street maintenance and resurfacing, but a recent assessment indicated that $17.5 million per year is what is needed. Mark Bowman indicated that the construction season in Colorado may be too short to allow for that much money to be effectively spent each year, even if it was allocated.
  • The City is also looking into changing its requirements for how roads are constructed and maintained during the construction of new housing developments, as heavy truck traffic on new and existing roads can degrade roads fairly quickly.

Long Lake Regional Park

  • This property was purchased from Denver Water in 1996. It is home to several multiple-use fields and a 50-acre prairie dog refuge. There is room to build a stadium if that is needed later.
  • The City works with APEX to manage the property: Arvada maintains the park, and Apex does the scheduling of the fields.
  • APEX is doing its own collaborative CIP process to identify their needs in the future.
  • The previous Arvada CIP group observed that the City did not provide a lot of patron amenities at this park, so a new bathroom facility has been added. For similar reasons, lighting, trails, and benches have been added here and at other parks.

Jefferson Parkway (Discussion with Bill Ray in the Bus)

  • The proposed Jefferson Parkway would come through the Leyden Rock area. It would be elevated above Leyden Road. There is an engineering challenge related to whether the Parkway would go over or under the train tracks between Leyden Rock and Highway 72.
  • The estimated cost of the Parkway is $200 million. It is currently awaiting the outcome of federal permitting discussions and is only 2% designed.
  • The City of Arvada strongly supports building the Jefferson Parkway because it will provide a regional road for regional traffic. Currently, regional traffic uses Arvada streets to move through the area, creating traffic and maintenance challenges that should not be the sole burden of Arvada residents. Building the Jefferson Parkway would allow regional traffic to use a regional road, easing traffic and maintenance burdens in Arvada.


  • Candelas is new a development on the west side of Arvada. The full property is 2,200 acres.
  • There is a 50-year build-out planned for the area.
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