Local Election Results

by John Kiljan

Dear CLRC members and friends,

Here is an update on the latest local election results. These numbers are as of Wednesday night, December 5th, and are still likely to change as military, overseas and “cured” ballots come in. The two Colorado Senate races we covered are still too close to call and it may be another week before we know who won.

VoteminiCured ballots are those that were turned in but the voter either forgot to sign the ballot, or their signature did not did not match the signatures on file closely enough to satisfy the election judges, or they haven’t provided proper identification. Those voters will have a chance to cure their ballots and have their votes counted if they can respond by November 12th to a notification the County will send out.

Unless a recount is needed, the County will then have until November 20th post a final official result. If a recount is needed, then the final result may be delayed until as late as December 4th.

Recounts are not automatic unless the runner up is closer than 1/2 of 1% of the votes received by the highest candidate. That’s a pretty tight standard and the current voting machines are pretty accurate. With the numbers shown below, none of the second-place candidates would currently qualify for an automatic recount.

Jefferson County Election Results

Last updated: 11/5/2014 8:08:43 PM MST

Laura J. Woods (REP) 29,208 47.81%
Rachel Zenzinger (DEM) 28,367 46.44%
Gregg Miller (LIB) 3,512 5.75%
Total 61,087


Cheri Jahn (DEM) 32,465 46.69%
Larry Queen (REP) 32,269 46.41%
Chris Heismann (LIB) 4,799 6.90%
Total 69,533


Joseph DeMott (REP) 14,882 46.90%
Jessie Danielson (DEM) 16,852 53.10%
Total 31,734


Wade Michael Norris (DEM) 15,001 39.73%
Libby Szabo (REP) 20,628 54.63%
Niles Aronson (LIB) 2,132 5.65%
Total 37,761


Susan Kochevar (REP) 12,987 44.26%
Tracy Kraft-Tharp (DEM) 14,412 49.12%
Hans Romer (LIB) 1,942 6.62%
Total 29,341


All Registered Voters: 422,691

Ballots Cast: 253,697

Voter Turnout: 60.02%

And this election result from Historic Olde Town Arvada:

BID ELECTION RESULTS — Last night, the Spencer Fane law firm informed us that the vote to fund the Olde Town Business Improvement District has passed by 49 to 14. The vote approved an 8.5 mil levy increase on the commercial real properties within the district. This increase will appear on the tax notices you receive in early 2015.

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    Thanks for all you do.

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