Notes from the Net – GOP Appoints Arvada’s New House District 27 Representative

by John Kiljan

[updated February 5, 2015]

Dear CLRC members and friends,

Lang Sias

Lang Sias

Last weekend, Lang Sias was appointed as Libby Szabo’s replacement to represent most of central Arvada in the Colorado House of Representatives for the remainder of Ms Szabo’s two-year term. Along the central Ralston Road corridor, District 27 covers the neighborhoods that are west of Olde Wadsworth. East of Olde Wadsworth is included House District 29. Tracy Kraft-Tharp, a Democrat, was recently reelected to that seat. Lang Sias is a Republican.

This is an important appointment. The Colorado House is currently controlled by the Democratic Party, which has a majority of one seat [corrected:  Dems have a 34-31 edge in the House]. The Senate has a Republican majority of one seat. Several bipartisan issues of local interest are expected to come up during this legislative session.

Those include cutting back the authority of the Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) to remove urban blight in the Triangle shopping center and in the area around Olde Town. Also likely to be on the agenda is construction-defect legislation intended to encourage the building of owner-occupied condominiums instead of the hundreds of new apartments now being planned for central Arvada.

Here are a couple of links to recent non-partisan news articles on the appointment:


You can also read a few comments on the appointment on our CLRC Facebook page. It also has a list of the Republican vacancy committee members.

If you are interested in partisan coverage, readers can get a take on the appointment by the Democratic-leaning Colorado Pols website by going to this link at

Oddly, there has been nothing on the appointment posted on the Republican-leaning ColoradoPeakPolitics website at , but something may show up later on.

[Update]  ColoradoPeakPolitics’ article had simply scrolled off the screen.  Here’s the link to their writeup:

* * *

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February 4, 2015


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