Vandalized Walking Tour Signs in Olde Town

by John Kiljan

P1000856I have to admit I was disappointed to again see the badly damaged walking tour signs on Grandview the last time I visited Olde Town.   I had expected they would have been replaced by now. They are in front of what will soon be Arvada’s new Olde Town Gold Line commuter rail station. They look like they’ve been smashed by rocks and they have been that way for many weeks, with rain and snow eating away at the images and text.

The City has placed these sign in various historic locations – mostly in Olde Town – and all of them are looking a bit shopworn. But the three next to the new rail station look especially sad. In the meantime, RTD and the City are investing a substantial amount of money in installing public art as a part of the ‘betterments’ being added to its three Arvada Gold Line stations due to open next year. So I was puzzled why the walking tour signs hadn’t yet been repaired.

Walking tour signs

Walking tour signs

An email to City Manager Mark Deven about the signs got a quick response. The City was well aware of the damage and has budgeted for replacements to be installed this fall. And, no, I was not the only one to have asked about them. Not only will these three vandalized signs but replaced, but all of the City’s walking tour signs will be refreshed and their stands repainted since they only have an expected life of five to six years without some maintenance.

Arvada City Parks director, Gordon Reusink, who is responsible for maintaining and repairing the signs, said that the City inventories the condition of these signs four times a year. The vandalism seen in these photos was reported to the police at the time.

"Arvada Celebrates"

“Arvada Celebrates”

Mr Reusink also said that some of the signs may be removed entirely before their replacement this fall. Also, a new and updated walking tour brochure will be printed to guide visitors when touring the sign sites and Olde Town. I was surprised to find that Arvada has 15 of these signs in all. So I’ve missed out on about half of these informative displays. I’ll be looking forward to getting a copy of the updated brochure and doing a ‘walking’ tour by bicycle myself in the fall.

As for the coming railway station’s public art. That’s an article for another time.

It’s good to live in Arvada.

KKK in Arvada display sign at 57th & Webster

KKK in Arvada display sign at 57th & Webster

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