Dave Palm Announces He’s Running for Council District 2

District 2 covers Olde Town east of Olde Wadsworth Boulevard, the Columbine neighborhood south of 56th Avenue and also reaches into north Arvada.  District 2’s incumbent City Councilor, Mark McGoff, is expected to announce that he will be running for reelection in the district as well.

Here’s Mr Palm’s press release:

* * *

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Tuesday, June 23, 2015 – Arvada Colorado

Palm for City Council

Dave Palm

Dave Palm

Dave Palm, lifelong resident of Jefferson County, former school board candidate and “Arvadan” since 1960 is a candidate for Arvada City Council in district 2.

Palm said he’s getting into the fight to preserve the small hometown, “Mayberry”, Charm and Character that Arvada has had since before Colorado was even a state.

“Members of our current council seem to have little respect for the citizens and have complete disregard for our heritage.”

“District 2 is home to some of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods in the city and high density, transit oriented development does absolutely nothing to enhance our quality of life. It’s time to get Urban Renewal under control

“Growing up here in the 60’s, Arvada was referred to as a bedroom community. Our big box stores were Montgomery Ward’s and the Denver Dry Goods store at Lakeside. People built homes here to get away from Denver. Small local businesses thrived because they were actually neighbors”

“Our current council has brought us the 5 story high density, 150 unit apartment building at Wadsworth Bypass and Ralston Rd. And this is just the beginning. On the drawing board is another 5-600 housing units, add in the light rail parking garage and a Hilton hotel all within a quarter of a mile and you can imagine the traffic jam.”

“It’s not just about the development and how it impacts our current quality of life, it’s about the way it’s getting paid for. The Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA) in collusion with city council is incentivizing developers with taxpayer money and redirecting future tax money that would otherwise go to schools, street maintenance, and fire departments into the pockets of private sector developers and corporations”.

“… I want to try to slow down the out of control development and let the light rail earn its own way just as developers should earn their own way. If, as a city, we’re going to subsidize anything it ought to be small mom and pop businesses not national corporations.”

“We are at a tipping point, now is the time to take back control Arvada and let the free market work.”

“I’m not an attorney or a developer, just a hometown guy that wants to preserve the Arvada experience and return common sense and transparency to its leadership.”

Dave is 64 years old, graduated from Arvada High School in 1969, and is the father of a grown son, Matt. Dave and Matt are small business owners, operating Hackberry Hill Communications in Arvada for over 30 years.

Contact: Email:davepalm@hackberryhill.net
Phone: 720-663-PALM (7256)
Text: 303-420-9859

# # #

* * *

And, as always, “The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community does not endorse candidates for public office. However, we often post candidacy announcements, press releases, interviews and questionnaire responses for those running for office. And we encourage our members to actively support whatever candidate they choose during elections.”

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