Carl Campanella Announces He’s Running for City Council At Large

At-Large Councilors are elected by the entire City. Currently, Bob Fifer and Kathy Drulard have also announced they are running for this seat. Councilor Bob Fifer is the incumbent.

Here’s Mr Campanella’s press release:

* * *

June 27, 2015 – Arvada, Colorado

Carl Campanella, a native resident of Arvada, has announced his candidacy for the Arvada City Council at Large.

Carl Campanella

Carl Campanella

“I loved growing up in Arvada, especially during the 1950 to 1970 time period. We actually had MANAGED GROWTH. Most of the police knew us by first name and we knew them as “Officer” so and so. We could and did play baseball and even camped out in the Arvada Cemetery. Is this Mayberry? No, it is Americana, and what a way to grow up!” Carl is an alumnus of Russell Elementary, Drake Junior High, and, Arvada West, class of 1971! Carl is also has a BA in Political Science.

“Campi”, to his family, friends and neighbors stated there is a vacuum of independent thinking in the sitting city council for Arvada. “I have learned that a white ballot, or unanimous vote on a consistent and ongoing basis, in any sitting leadership body, is a sign of arrogance in leadership and disrespect for the people who elected them to office. Followers should not be leaders! To not debate issues in front of the people, this is not transparent, nor is it honest leadership. By not listening to the voice of the majority there is no representative leadership, only leadership afraid to lead, only leadership afraid to let the public know what is really at heart!”

“We as citizens have a right to know just as much of the concerns and issues facing Arvada as city council, in fact, we have more right!”

Campanella said he is concerned about how Arvada Urban Renewal and the city were able to sell land for redevelopment at such incredibly low prices by using tax incentives and subsidies without citizen approval. “The land and building that has been used by Vineyard Church across from Lowe’s has been sold to a developer for $500,000.00, urban renewal owned the property for $2,780,000.00. Is this fiscally responsible to those of us who live here? Is this fiscal responsibility to us as citizens, I think not! Vineyard even offered to buy the property at a fair market value. The location of the Pak Place Old Town, the developer paid $10.00 for the property. Is this fiscal responsibility to us as citizens, I think not!”

Campanella has observed that with every urban renewal project, there can or will be or has been residences or businesses that have been relocated, many to other cities. Most of the jobs brought in through urban renewal are minimal wage, barely able to live off of, service positions. “We have a large amount of open warehouse and office space in Arvada, why not bring in some light manufacturing without annexing the land it sits on? If something is not more forth coming from economic development, people will not be able to afford to live here.”

“Campi” has concerns about the growth in the northwest area of Arvada. There is an obvious concern about the area being developed, but, not by the urban renewal authority or city council.

“The people of Arvada, MY HOME TOWN, deserve so much more respect than what they are being given by our city council. We deserve leadership that believes in service and leadership and independent thinking instead of what we have now. When elected, I will not be afraid to lead, I will not be a follower, I will not vote just to go along with the rest of council. I will stand for Arvada and her people.”

Campanella stated there are so many more issues that need to be addressed. His top 3 concerns are subsidies and incentives to developers, mismanaged and unbridled growth and the total disconcert when it comes to City Hall and the lack of respect for us as citizens.

“Given the opportunity to make a positive difference for Arvada and bring more transparent communication with my strong ethics, we can bring back the Arvada that is the cause of many of us living here, and yet, we can responsibly move to a future of prosperity and quality growth with the “Home Town” atmosphere. We are not Mayberry and never have been.”

# # #

* * *

And, as always, “The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community does not endorse candidates for public office. However, we often post candidacy announcements, press releases, interviews and questionnaire responses for those running for office. And we encourage our members to actively support whatever candidate they choose during elections.”

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2 Responses to Carl Campanella Announces He’s Running for City Council At Large

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  2. Dennis Moss says:

    Hi Carl, My name is Dennis Moss, I went to school with you at Arvada West. and like you I am also a native of Arvada from 1953 to today and a Viet Nam Vet. If you ever run for office again in Arvada please contact me and I would be more then happy to support you. I hope I can meet you someday and we can talk about the days in Arvada.

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