Those Darling Raccoons

by Charley Ault

My family has lived in the Arvada area since the mid-60s, and since 1979 in the Alta Vista area. We are passionate about our home, our yard, our flowers and our garden. We have seen a lot of things come and go and we have seen a lot of changes. We try our hardest to set a good example and be good neighbors.

Raccoon2That being said, we have a huge problem in the area that all of us can help solve. We noticed an increased activity with the Raccoon population in the last couple of years. They eat the corn, they destroy the grapes and ruin all the flowers. They are becoming more aggressive with their increase in population and it is getting to the point where we do not want to go outside.

We even hired a trapper, and within four days we trapped and relocated 11 Raccoons. We have seen at least five more. And a couple of them will, I am sure, weigh in at close to 25 pounds. That is a varmint I do not want to meet eye-to-eye in the dark of the night.

So, you ask, “What can I do?” Here are a few remedies to help all of us control this situation:

1 – Do NOT encourage them or feed them.

2- Pick up your dog and cat food, and do not leave their food outside at night.

3- Keep your grass cut and trash picked up in the yard.

4- Talk to your neighbors about the problem and let them know about it as well.











It is only a matter of time before they start getting into our houses, nesting in the attics and even coming into the house in the middle of the night or while you are away. None of us want this to happen. This is truly bad for our homes and our communities and we can do something about it.


— Charley Ault

The City of Arvada has a link that talks about the risks of your pets contracting distemper from wild animals that come into your yard. Here is the link:


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2 Responses to Those Darling Raccoons

  1. Nina says:

    So, not to be inhumane, but trapping and releasing makes them someone else’s problem. I used to live in Thornton next to a park and often saw companies driving up and releasing raccoons there. Thanks a lot! Not sure where you think they are releasing them to, but I can pretty much guarantee that they aren’t going far.

  2. Denver Post reporter Austin Briggs had a nice follow-on article about this post. You can read it online at this link:

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