Olde Town Hotel Comments Due

The preliminary plans for a Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Olde Town go before the Arvada Planning Commission on August 4th. If you have an opinion on whether the proposal should be approved that you’d like the PC to read before they act, you have until the end of the week to get your comments in. The Commission will be concentrating on two things: whether a hotel is an appropriate use for the land, and whether there should be a height exception to bring the building up to 64 feet above ground level to accommodate the planned five stories.

The hotel is being opposed and supported by several groups, so commenting to the Commission may be important if you are for or against this proposal. The Arvada City Council usually – but not always – follows the recommendations of the Planning Commission in approving projects such as this.

Here is a copy of the meeting posting that the developer has sent out with information on where to send your comments.  The Planning Commission will also take public comment in person at their August 4th meeting.

The planning for the hotel has been covered in a number of articles on the CLRC’s home page at RalstonCommunity.org.

— JK

PC Public Hearing Notice_1

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3 Responses to Olde Town Hotel Comments Due

  1. Charles Ault says:

    I am completely in favor of this project.

  2. John Kiljan: The proposal was approved by the Planning Commission on a 5-1 vote. The height exception was approved on a 4-2 vote.

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