11 Candidates Vie for 5 Arvada City Council Seats

by John Kiljan

[updated October 23, 2015]

Dear CLRC members and friends,

Below is a list of all the candidates running for the Arvada City Council this year, where you can contact them, where you can send campaign donations, the URLs for their websites, their survey responses, and links to even more information about them.

This is a somewhat unusual Arvada City Council election. Normally only three or four of the Council’s seven seats are up for election (or reelection) at a time. Those seats come open every two years, and it’s typical for one or two of them to have only one candidate running.

Not this time. With the abrupt resignation of newly reelected Councilor Rachel Zenzinger in Council District 1 in 2013 (who ran unopposed), the usual election order was thrown into disarray, and we now have five open seats with 11 candidates offering to fill them. Unless there is a change in the City Charter* or someone else resigns, things should get back to normal in the next election cycle two years from now when there will only be a more manageable three seats open for the City Council.

But the high number of candidates also means that voters have a lot to learn about who is running if they are to be thoughtful voters – or if they want to financially support a candidate outside of their own Council district. That can be important.  Every Council member gets to vote on every issue coming before them.

Voters will have plenty of time to decide. There should not be any last-minute rush on election day to decide who to vote for. This will be a mail-in only ballot. You just mark your ballot when you are ready and drop it into a drive-by box next to City Hall. Or, you can put a stamp on it and save even that bother.

Ballot Drop Boxes at City Hall

Ballot Drop Boxes at City Hall

So here’s the list of all 11 candidates courtesy of the City Clerk’s office and from other online sources:

*** 2015 Arvada City Council Candidates ***

For Mayor (four-year term):

WilliamsMarc Williams (incumbent)
6781 Lupine Circle
Arvada, CO 80007
phones: 720-935-4979
email: mwilliams@arvadalaw.net
website: http://marcwilliamsformayor.com
online articles:

DChandler2015Dave Chandler
7930 Kendall Street
Arvada, CO 80003
phone: 303-424-9897
email: dave@mayordave.us
website: www.MayorDave.us
online articles:

For Councilmember At Large (four-year term):

BobFifer2ndTermCropBob Fifer (incumbent)
11762 W 56th Circle
Arvada, CO 80002
phones: 303-650-4544/w
email: bob@bobfifer.com
website: www.bobfifer.com
online articles:

KDrulardCropKathy Drulard
10452 W 77th Place
Arvada, CO 80005
phones: 303-981-5690/w
website: www.kathydrulard.com
online articles:

CarlCampanellaBCarl Campanella
9145 Oberon Road, #214
Arvada, CO 80004
phone: 303-923-5119/w
emails: d.Campanella@outlook.com
website: Carl4Arvada.com
online articles:

For Councilmember District 1 (two-year term):

JerryMarksCropJerry Marks (incumbent)
8250 Garland Drive
Arvada, CO 80005
phones: 303-423-9949/w
email: jmarks@customsvcs.com
website: JerryMarks.info
online articles:

FordNancy Ford
8404 Everett Way, Unit C
Arvada, CO 80005
phones: 970-225-9136/w
email: nFord@Fordresearchgroup.com
websites: http://www.nancyfordforarvada.com/www.fordresearchgroup.com
online articles:

Councilmember District 2 (four-year term):

MMGWebPhotoMark McGoff (incumbent)
7855 Allison Court
Arvada, CO 80005
phones: 303-945-0059/c
email: mlmcg41@comcast.net
website: www.markmcgoff.com
online articles:

dave profile 141213David Palm
7029 Upham Street
Arvada, CO 80003
phones: 303-420-9859/h
emails: davepalm@HackberryHill.net
websites: davepalm.com
online articles:

Councilmember District 4 (four-year term):

BobDyerCropBob Dyer (incumbent)
7433 Queen Circle
Arvada, CO 80005
phones:  303-888-8041
email: bob@bobdyer.com
website: ElectBobDyer.com
online articles:




DavidJones1CropDavid Jones
8498 Rogers Loop
Arvada, CO 80007
phones: 303-949-0452/w
email: DavidforArvada@gmail.com
website: DavidforArvada.com
online articles:



Bookmark this page and check for updates to this posting on RalstonCommunity.org, since candidates sometimes change their contact information or websites. We’ve added candidate portraits and updated links to past articles about the candidates.

The Arvada Press links shown are for the answers to five questions put to each candidate by that newspaper. Each candidate got the same question from the Arvada Press. However, there is no link available for what the questions actually were. So here is their question list retyped from the election guide issue of October 15, 2015:

  1. Please use three words to describe your leadership style.
  2. Describe the skills that make you the best candidate for the job.
  3. Please list your top three priorities if elected.
  4. Critics say there are too many unanimous vote on the council, based on the voting record of the last few years – too much rubber stamping and not enough challenge to the status quo. Do you feel that is a fair criticism, and how would you ensure open and honest debate on the council?
  5. Arvada has seen a lot of development recently, both residential and commercial. What role do you see this playing Arvada’s future and how would you plan for it?

The City of Arvada’s Clerk’s office has a handy webpage that you can use to follow such things as campaign contributions and other candidate filings. The second set of finance contribution reports was added on October 14th. Here’s the link:


The CLRC has a summary of the campaign contributions up through October 8th.  You can read that summary at


You can see and hear eight of the 11 candidates who took part in the Chamber of Commerce candidate forum held on September 18th.  Here’s the CLRC article on that event and a link to watch the entire 1 hour 15 minute video of the event:


Some of the candidates are also active on Facebook pages to the point where those pages have become de facto campaign sites. And don’t forget, the CLRC’s steering committee has posted its own question list for the candidates about issues they see as most important to the central Arvada neighborhoods.  The answers to those questions are now online at RalstonCommunity.org and are posted by race.

*And more candidates in each election and more districts are possible in the future. Some candidates are endorsing a platform to change the City Charter to increase the number of City Council members to 13 from the current seven members. That means six or seven seats would be up for election every two years.

And just as a reminder: “The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community does not endorse candidates for public office. However, we often post candidacy announcements, press releases, interviews and questionnaire responses for those running for office. And we encourage our members to actively support whatever candidate they choose during elections.”

[first posted: August 25, 2015]

[edit — Kathy Drulard’s email address corrected on 25 August 2015]

[update August 25, 2015 — Tracy Kraft-Tharp added this note: Thanks John. I’m having an informal candidate forum where people can chat 1-1 with candidates Sat Oct 17 11:30-1 Standley Lake library.” on August 25th]

[update September 4, 2015 — The Arvada Chamber of Commerce will host a candidate forum on Friday morning September 18, 2015.  The public is invited.  For details, see the Chamber’s website at ChamberBreakfast  ]

[update: October 2, 2015 — An error in Jerry Marks email address was corrected]

[update:  October 13, 2015 — added CLRC articles]

[update:  October 16, 2015 — added photos, more article links and updated article text]

[update: October 23, 2015 — added Nancy Ford’s campaign website address]

[update: October 25, 2015 — added Dyer/Ford article link update]

[Note:  Candidates and others can update the information on this posting by contacting the CLRC Secretary, John Kiljan, at jpkiljan@yahoo.com or simply by making a comment to the article using the link below.]

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