School Board Election Forum, Friday October 16th

by John Kiljan
[updated October 27, 2015 — You can view the entire 1-3/4 hour forum on YouTube at this link:

And there is some good coverage of the campaign financing at this link which should have 3 short videos to watch put out by 9News:

And there is yet more coverage on the amount of outside financing being pumped into this election, which, by my own reckoning will come to about $7.50 per voter, at this Colorado Public Radio news article:


Dear CLRC members and friends,

This is one of those elections where, if you’re not confused, you haven’t been paying attention. This November, three Jeffco school board members are being subjected to a recall vote and two others are not running for reelection.

By my count that means there will be eight candidates for us to choose from for the school board. For Arvada residents who are already trying to sort through 11 different Arvada City Council candidates, there is going to be a lot of head scratching going on when we get our mail-in ballots — possibly starting as soon as next week.

For the school board election, the Arvada Chamber of Commerce has again stepped up to the plate and is holding another candidate forum at its Friday morning breakfast outlined in the announcement below. Hopefully, the event will be video recorded for those who can’t make it during a workday. But attend in person if you can. The breakfasts at the Arvada Center are pretty good and you might be able to talk with the candidates in person afterword.


Here is the link for registering for the event:

[update:  It looks like I’ve underestimated the number of candidates. I forgot that one can vote for a district director even if you don’t live in their district. So that’s ten candidates in all. Here’s the quote from the school board page: “The director districts up for election include Districts 3 and 4. Jefferson County voters will vote on all candidates choosing one candidate per director district.” Updated October 7th]

[update:  I may have gotten it wrong again!  I can’t find an official list anywhere, but I’ve heard there are a total of nine candidates (including the incumbents) in the recall election plus the four running in districts 3 & 4.  That’s 13 candidates running for five seats that people will be voting on.  The school district’s website says mail-in ballots will be mailed out starting next week. Updated October 8th]

–John Kiljan

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