City Council Candidate Surveys to be Posted Next Week

City Council Candidate Surveys to be Posted Next Week:

“Do you favor continuing ongoing and/or future urban renewal projects through the City’s Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA)? If not, which projects or urban renewal areas would you want to shut down?”

The candidates’ answers to this CLRC question and nine others will be posted on the CLRC’s website next week. All eleven candidates running in five Council races responded to the survey questionnaire put together by the neighborhood association’s steering committee. If you are on the CLRC’s automatic mailing lists, expect at least five more emails early in the week.

Arvada City Council Districts

Arvada City Council Districts

The five races are for Council members as Mayor, as At Large, and as representatives for Council Districts 1, 2 & 4 as outlined on the attached image. Only two Council seats are not up for grabs this go-round: Council District 3 (John Marriott) and a second At-Large seat held by Councilor Don Allard.

This is a mail-in election and the ballots are expected to be posted beginning Monday, October 12th, but you have until November 3rd to get your ballot in or to drop it off at a collection station outside of City Hall.

But don’t put things off. This is going to be a very full election year, and thoughtful voters will have a lot to consider. Also being voted on will be a tax increase for the Jefferson County library, a request to keep excess marijuana taxes collected by the State, and what now appears to be a slate of 13 Jefferson County school board candidates trying to fill all five of their seats. That’s a lot of decisions to make for a local election.




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One Response to City Council Candidate Surveys to be Posted Next Week

  1. charles ault says:

    Yes, I favor the retention of Aura.

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