Well Known Local Resident Endorses “Yes on A”

by guest commentator Riley Thielen (with help from Mary Thielen)                                                                                                                                                                                     RILEY CAN READ TOO
“Woof! Woof! Woof!” Now there are two of those signs on my grass. My eight year old golden retriever brain notices them immediately. Why the neon yellow sign wasn’t there last night. Sniff, sniff and the sign waves to me on aluminum legs as the winds blows and my ears flap. I will have to ask my owner what this sign means.


My retriever brain tells me it’s time for my early dawn and morning ritual. I have a job to do before I can earn my dog food. I have to get the papers. My golden mouth with missing back molars is the perfect holder for the usual Denver Post and Wall Street Journal. Sometimes there are three papers and I pride myself that all three can fit in my mouth if I stack them just right. I haven’t dropped a single paper yet.

My owner has come outside this week and points out the planets to me. She looks up in the southwest sky and points out Saturn and Mars to me. She tells me that Mars is the largest it has appeared in a decade. She says that orange-gold Mars and golden-white Saturn will form remarkable triangles with Antares this spring and summer. And she reminds me that this is a magic time of day when the stars go away and the planets are the last to leave the 6:00 a.m. sky. I scratch and burp! I am doggone hungry! I had better go inside for some dog food.

I do my mad dash outside to “do my business.” My owner has another game for me before I can eat. She fills my bowl with one and half cups of Purina Pro-plan nuggets. Yum! Yum! My mouth drools but I lay down and must wait for another game. I must say grace. My owner discovered that I gobbled my food and inhaled it too fast. She also wanted to teach her grandchildren and me gratitude and to say grace before meals. And it works! On the cue of “Amen” I can chow my chow. I am done in less than ten seconds.

The third game I like to play is called the timer game. The timer is set for about ten or 15 minutes then I can lick the TV dinner tray or plate. This is fun because I can put the timer in my mouth and play again, and again. It just means more food. Oh, and I love butter! Last week I couldn’t help myself and jumped up on the table and stole the butter dish. Yum!  Then my master ran after me for a bath. I fled for freedom through the backyard broken down fence. My mistress won and I got a bath.

But back to my front yard sign with the big “Yes on A” sign. My owner tells me it is a vote for an outdoor pool at Fitzmorris Park. On Tuesday May 3, 2016 Arvada has a chance for a new pool.  And take it from this golden retriever that loves to swim. I love to dog paddle and love the end of summer dog swim at Secrest Pool. I am the last dog to leave the pool dog tired. So it makes doggone sense to vote yes for a new pool. And humans can use the pool too! They need to learn to swim and not drown too! Vote “Yes on A” on your ballot on May 3, 2016.

Riley Thielen makes almost daily rounds in her neighborhood – accompanied, of course.  Mary Thielen is a Registered Nurse who works in geriatric care.  She is a long-time resident of the Alta Vista neighborhood near Ralston Central Park where she raised six children.  To respond to Riley’s comments, you can reach her in care of Mary at this address:

Mary Thielen
6173 Field Street
Arvada, CO  80004
303-425-8991 [corrected]

And you can find out more about our central Arvada Neighborhood association by visiting us at our website at


April 16, 2016


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