It’s Stamp Day!

by John Kiljan

Dear CLRC members and friends,

That’s right.  If you are going to have a say in the future of recreation in Arvada, today is the day you need to find a stamp, put it on your ballot, mark and sign it, and drop it in the mailbox in time to be counted.  If you don’t bother to do that, others will decide that future for you.

P1000461The choice is yours – but only if you vote.  And your vote will count a lot more than it will in the other elections you might participate in this year.  By a wide margin, most voters are not expected to return their mail-in Apex bond renewal ballots at all.  You’ll be part of a much smaller pool of voters.


The bond issue is pretty simple.  If most people vote NO, the annual property tax you have been paying to service past Apex recreation bonds to build the rec center on 72nd Avenue will go away.  And your property tax bill will then drop.  How much?  For a typical central Arvada detached home like my own, I will be paying $26 a year LESS in Apex property taxes starting a couple of years from now if “Yes On A” fails.


On the other hand, if the bond proposal passes, I am likely to continue to pay the SAME amount as I paid to Apex this year – or probably somewhat less in future years, as Arvada’s population continues to grow out to the limits set by its available water supply.  Unlike most other mill levies, because it is a “general obligation” bond proposal, this mill levy will go down as property valuations grow and Arvada’s population increases – just as it did with the expiring bond issue.

So what do I get for waiving a $26-a-year tax reduction?  Even if I never use them myself, I get six new recreation facilities or improvements built across the city, and described in pretty good detail based upon a lot of public input.  To me, that seems to be a very good investment in the city’s future, for everyone else I share this city with, for the future of our younger citizens, for our seniors, and in the overall social health of this community.

The Arvada Press recently echoed a similar sentiment when endorsing this bond proposal, as have a number of civic organizations.  Here’s the link to the Arvada Press endorsement:,212579?

Eddie Lyons's car on 57th Avenue

Civic volunteer Eddie Lyons’s car on 57th Avenue

The last mail pickup for Friday at the central Arvada post office on Allison Street is 5:30 pm indoors, and at 6:00 pm in the outdoor boxes.  Only a single stamp is needed – a Forever stamp or a 49-cent one will do.

Can you instead wait until the last minute to decide and vote?  Indeed you can.  The official election is being held on Tuesday, May 3rd from 7 am to 7 pm, and you don’t have to actually mail in your ballot beforehand.  Instead, you can drop off your ballot at any of five designated locations before Tuesday night at 7:00 pm.  If you wait until 7:01 pm, your vote will not be counted.  Don’t forget to sign your ballot first!

Here’s the list of the designated drop-off locations:

Apex Center
13150 West 72nd Avenue
Arvada, CO 80005

Community Recreation Center
6842 Wadsworth Boulevard
Arvada, CO 80003

Apex Simms Street Center
11706 W. 82nd Ave.
Arvada, CO 80005

Apex Field House
5724 Oak Street
Arvada, CO 80002

Racquetball and Fitness Center
12120 W. 64th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80004

It is legal to give your ballot to someone else to drop off for you.  You don’t have to tell them (or anyone else) how you voted, and they can’t demand that you tell them – it’s against the law to do that.  If you find you are dropping off ballots for others, please don’t try to drop off more than ten at a time.  That’s not legal either.

There is an abundance of information available on the internet about the bond proposal and what will be built with the money.  Here are two relatively unbiased sources of information if you are just now looking at this issue and trying to decide:

which has lots of reference material on each recreation project, and there is a Denver Post article at

For a personal view of why you or your neighbor might want to vote for or against the bond renewal, try this link:

and for an online discussion of the financing for these projects, try scrolling through this new Facebook page, Arvada Town Hall, at this link:

It has discussions about the candidates for the Arvada Fire Protection District board elections as well.

The Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community is an independent neighborhood association representing the neighborhoods adjacent to Ralston Road from the Wadsworth Bypass to the Kipling Parkway.

LogoYou can read all of our articles on our main website at or you can read even more posts on our Facebook page at “CLRC – Citizens for a Liveable Ralston Community”. You can write to us, call us or email us at

c/o John Kiljan, Secretary
6185 Field Street
Arvada, CO 80004


April 29, 2016



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